Who’s the boss? Dallas is the boss!

Who's the boss? Dallas is the boss!

Dallas Matthews, who’s Fifty seven years aged, is the boss.

Tarzan, who’s Twenty nine years old, is her employee. That man is brought her the reports that babe needed, but this babe tells him, “You’re not up to par with our expectations.”

This smooth operator needs more experience.

“You have to become more aggressive with your clients,” she says. And she’s plan to show him how.

By sucking and screwing his rod?

Hey, every boss has her own style. Dallas’ style includes blond hair and big mangos and a great cookie.

“I’m very aggressive when it comes to sex,” Dallas said, “but I adore a lady-killer to be a ladies man. It doesn’t matter how tall they are. Sometimes short lads can actually strut their stuff. And it doesn’t matter how tall u are in sofa. It is my legs that are long. If you are spooning, you’re just together.”

Dallas was born and raised in Washington in advance of this babe moved to Canada and then back to Washington. This babe is divorced.

“I’ve had quite an interesting life,” that babe told, “I’ve done quite a bit, anything from construction and house-building to excavation and ranching. Consulting, agriculture, initiating bio-control for the mushroom industry.”

Dallas loves things that are mushroom-shaped.

That babe works in finance. This babe was sent our way by 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIFE Madison Milstar. Her spouse approves.

“This was totally his idea,” that babe said. “Part of me is doing this for him. I’ll wink at him. ‘That was for you!’ I’m being a wicked goddess.”

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