Cherry Hottie

Cherry Babe

You’ll be glad to meet Tara. She is a very special discover for us.
As we were going through Tara’s photos, we noticed smth different about her. Her pussyhole looked much smaller than the other ones we have seen-and we watch plenty of tiny teen wet cracks! Upon closer inspection it appeared that this babe still had her hymen. A real virgin! We double-checked via a Russian translator, and this babe confirmed: “Yes, I am a virgin. I did not think you’d be expert to tell!”

We’re vagina experts. Certainly we can tell!
Tara was a little embarrassed once we detected her secret, but we assertive her that being a virgin was a wonderful thing. “It’s not something I actually advertise,” she told. “All my friends have had sex, so I feel a little left out still being a virgin.”

How did u end up posing?
“Even though I’m a virgin I’m a bit of a free spirit. It appeared to be love smth enjoyment and gripping to do. People who know me wouldn’t be surprised to investigate that I did something adore this. I just wanted to see what it was love to be a little bit of a bad gal, and it was pleasure!”

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