Butt-Lovin’ Paramour

Butt-Lovin' Lover

Boyz, give a hearty welcome back to Svetlana, a nice-looking gal with a love of anal. “I’ve always been indeed into butt-sex. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been diddling myself on the front and on the back at the same time. I grew up in a charming conservative household that not ever talked about sex, so when the time came for me to hook-up with lads I had no idea it was aberrant. My first husband certainly did not tell me, either! He was getting anal just as much as cookie! Now I have calmed down a bit and don’t give up my anal opening for just someone. I make boyz work for it. I have detected that if I let ’em think that they’re convincing me to try it, then they take more pride and receive more satisfaction out of screwing my butt. I must have lied and said a dozen lads that they were my first. You’d think they’d figure it out when I’m having orgasms left and right with their schlongs in my butt. You don’t do that the very 1st time.”

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