A True Freak

A True Freak

Can we call u Skye-high?

“[Laughs] Coz I joined the mile-high club? Absolutely! I loved doing something that naughty so close to other people. The flight attendant completely knew, but that made it much more exciting.”

Are you a bad angel?

“Who’s to say? [Laughs] I went to a truly conservative Catholic college, so some people might think I’m rebelling against that upbringing, but I have always thought of myself as independent and wanting to explore all that life has to suggest. I lost my virginity in front of a crowd of other kids while they had a running commentary. It was sexy being watched, and even hotter ‘cuz I knew I was doing something that nobody else in my clique had done. I love being the first to do smth. That’s why I’ve got more sex skills than the commonplace 18-year-old. I am a slaver deep-throater, I adore getting drilled and I am multi-orgasmic.”

U have to elaborate on that now. How many times can you cum?

“Nobody ever makes almost certainly of me when I say this, but when I was in high-school I had 150 orgasms over a six sixty minutes period. It was very intensive. I tell this to boys and they roll their eyes, but gals can cum out of producing everything, so our bodies can just keep going. Towards the end it was way easier to receive off, I’d just touch my clitoris and cum. I could not walk the next day, but it was worth it!”

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