That babe is taking a bigger than typical risk

She's taking a bigger in size than average risk

Lives; Los Angeles, California; Occupation: Student; Age: Nineteen; Born: April 28; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 140 pounds; Bras: 36C; Panties: None or briefs; Anal: Perhaps in the future; BJs: Gulp; Diddle: I call my toy Teddy.

“My guy’s just turned Twenty one. I gave him a great view, but what that man wanted more than anything else was for me to pose for him and send the fotos to NN so that woman chaser could see me in the mag and on the web site,” said Sasha. “There is one diminutive hiccup with that. His folks met me when they came to LA for his 21st birthday party. They have a store in Louisiana and they sell porn mags-it came up in conversation-so there is a chance that they might see me. But it’s a chance that my fellow wishes to take, so who am I to refuse. But, furthermore, Hi fascinating heart; you’ve got your want. Now you can tell people you’re screwing a porno star!”

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