She’s Got Goals

She's Got Goals

Sasha’s dated a fellow whose parents own newsstands. Those newsstands sell Nasty Neighbors magazine. She risked everything by submitting pictures to us several years agone, but apparently her then-potential in-laws at not time saw her published shots. “I guess they don’t read anything they sell,” this babe told us. “But I’m over all of that. I got such a rush from having u lads print my images, I decided to break up with my skirt chaser and follow in nature’s garb modeling. It’s indeed really elementary. I had already moved to L.A. to be closer to my hubby. It seems love everyone over here has connections to porn producers. I wanna become internationally noted, but I too urge to have outstanding sex. Everyone knows that porno stars screw adore kooky even when they’re not shooting.”

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