Rio Blows Her Try-out

Rio Blows Her Audition

“It’s been my lifelong dream to become a singer. I went to an try-out to try to make it happen, but I was so horny I couldn’t concentrate. I attempted singing, but it just wasn’t happening. All I could think about mouthing knob. The digital camera ladies man said me to forget about the auditions and receive to sucking. As much as I wish to be a singer, I was relieved to finally receive a weenie in mouth. And I just cant suck. One time I receive a smack of that cock I need it in my pussy, also. I was worried that I was wasting their time by coming in there and banging up my try-out cause I was excited. But they were indeed understanding. And the one talent scout lad did not seem to mind so much one time this stud was drilling my soaked, little snatch.”

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