Rack ‘EM Up!

Rack 'EM Up!

“I’m not in high school, but if I was, I’d be enrolled in fashion design,” Crave said us. “High school was an gripping time for me. I was on the dance team, and I had lots of allies. I grew up very religious, so when I lastly gotta go out and explore the world with some freedom, I saw what I had been missing. That is when I started masturbating, likewise. It was a period of self-discovery.

“I have a pair of much loved positions. If the guy’s not greatly larger than average, I adore doggie style. I like being on top, also, coz I’ve more control and can greater than typical O even if his rhythm sucks!

“I’ve had so much public sex, it is kind of embarrassing,” Wish gushed to us. “I cant even count the number of times I’ve discovered myself with my trousers off, pulled up on the side of the road, cum trickling down my leg. Just a pair of weeks agone I was with this boy and we were in this local park in St. Paul. It was well after run of the mill park hours, and I got a lust for some public enjoyment. I pulled out his ramrod and started mouthing him. I do this thing where I deepthroat and lock eye contact with the skirt chaser. Boys like that. Then I took off my pants and climbed on top of him. We were just finishing up when a park ranger rolled up on us and said that we needed to leave. We didn’t get in bother or everything, but I kind of wish the ranger had stayed around and viewed us finish.”

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