Charming & Puffy

Pretty & Puffy

Karine, we adore your puffy nipples. Do lads compliment u on them a lot? “Not actually. Only one woman chaser has ever told anything to me about it. He told me this chab loves ‘puffies.’ I had no idea guys even liked that. I just thought I had unusual nipples coz I would by no means watched one more goddess who had puffy ones adore mine. But I suppose there is smth for everyone!” Do you like it when studs suck on your puffy nips? “Yes. It feels truly nice and it gives me a tingling feeling all over my body. But that one woman chaser I said you about, the one who said he likes puffies–he didn’t adore to engulf my nipps. Cuz when he’d suck ’em they’d receive unbending and they wouldn’t be puffy anymore. And he loved to just sit and watch ’em while playing with himself. He was unconventional. If this smooth operator did not fuck me so valuable I probably would have dumped him sooner. I thought he was into the puffy teat thing just ‘coz this chab was strange, but now you are telling me more boys are into it. So that’s worthy news for me. I was always afraid lads would be turned off by my nipps because they’re different. I’m glad I don’t need to worry about that now!”

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