Mirror Brandish

Mirror Show

Alex, do u adore to view yourself have orgasms?
“Yes. Mirrors and cameras are some of the foremost tools u can have in the bedroom. My prefered is a three-way mirror coz u can see yourself from different angles. I once masturbated in a Target dressing room for that reason. It was sexy to watch what I look like fingering myself doggy position.”

How do u feel about other people watching you?
“I think it is pleasure and hot. I’ve a thing for public and outdoor sex so being watched kind of goes along with that. I have also been in a gang bang scenarios, and I adore being watched by the other people in the group.”

How many times have u had gangbang?
“Twice. Once I had an fuckfest with six other beauties, and again I was in a three-way. I’d do the one and the other afresh. I got some of the paramount oral pleasure in the orgy, and it was fun sharing a penis with another angel in the three-way.”

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