Bawdy Dishes-Dirty Gal

Dirty Dishes-Dirty Girl

Things aren’t going well for Marie and her partner. They have beautiful sex, but she feels like that babe has to convince him to bonk. That babe always has to suck his weenie before this dude is willing to fuck. He needs convincing. Well, that is just incorrect. Good thing Marie knows how to take care of herself. This babe gets turned on during the time that doing the dishes, so this babe starts masturbating by oozing warm water and soapy bubbles all over her extraordinarily tight body. That turns into a wild, succulent, pussy-spanking dildo-fuckfest right there in the kitchen! Her boyfriend comes home after the dishes and her muff are done. The sight of her convinces him that he is been a pussy (we knew that already), so he gives her the fucking she deserves. We adore a happy ending!

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