Not So Blameless

Not So Innocent

Maddy, would u acquire avid if people called u a wench?
“No way. I suppose that’s silly, and my professor says that is just one more way the patriarchy tries to suppress women’s sexuality! If liking sex and new knob makes me a floozy, then hell yeah I’m one! And I don’t think it is a bad thing. I’m not hurting anyone and I am just having fun, so what’s the bigger in size than typical deal? When I 1st discharged for your magazine I was beautiful virginal, but I did not desire to be anymore. I wanted to be a doxy. So, mission competent! U dudes should be contented of yourselves. Getting rogered on-camera for you was part of what helped me to truly open up sexually.”

Are you masturbating more or less now?
“You would think that coz I’m getting more schlong I’d be masturbating less, but the opposite is true. I masturbate almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I can not make no doubt of that I am only Eighteen and I am already this randy all the fuckin’ time!”

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