L’il Copulate Doll

L'il Bonk Doll

Naomi, are dudes intimidated by you?
“I’ve been said that, but I suppose once they kick off talking to me they watch that I am nonchalant. I’m not stuck-up and I love collision recent people. If everything, I’m intimidated by boyz! That’s why I love most of all they make the first move. I can be a little coyness, even with sex. But after my 1st climax I am ready to receive wild.”

What was it like to shag on-camera?
“I was nervous and timid at first. And when I saw the guy’s large shlong I didn’t know how it would fit inside me. But one time we started fucking it felt indeed nice. I had an large O and that’s when I relaxed and opened up. I was skillful to just be myself and savour the astronomical dong stretching out my little muff.”

What kind of sex do you love to have? You look adore a rough rider.
“I mostly love it unbending and coarse. Doggie is my prefered position. It actually makes me shriek and cum hard, especially if I am fondelling my clitoris. I adore dudes who are aggressive and show me how turned on they are by manhandling me and talking filthy. Slap my ass, grasp my neck, tell me some bawdy shit in my ear, all while you thrust your shlong in and with out my slit. There’s a time and place for slow, romantic screwing, but most of the time I just wish to be someone’s little fuckdoll. Pound me, make me cum and cover me in man-juice and I’m happy.”

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