Urge List

Wish List

Kristina, it looks adore you’re all ready for Christmas!
“I am! I have been a worthwhile goddess all year so I really hope Santa gives me what I asked for. Of course, I’m also old to believe in Santa. But that is what I adore to call my spouse cuz that lady-killer is maturer and type of a sugar daddy. All I want for Christmas is for him to fuck me rock hard and make me scream his name.”

How much maturer is your husband? How did u meet him?
“He’s 33. That might not seem that aged to some people, but to an 18-year-old it is kind of a larger than typical difference! I met him from the Internet. This buck added me on Facebook ‘coz we had some mutual friends, and we started chatting. Eventually we met, and the rest is history! It is been really great so far. This chab is been my 1st everything, including my first orgasm! And he likes to buy me stuff, but I do not care too much about that. I’d rather receive strapon over gifts!”

What was it love to lose your virginity to him?
“It was precious. He knew I was a virgin so this smooth operator really took his time. This petticoat chaser ate me out and fingered me for a long-time to make sure I was ready for my first dose of shlong. Then that lady-killer put it in indeed worthwhile and slow. This chab took care of anything and told me what to do, and I was totally comfortable. It was a precious experience, but we’ve had way more excellent sex since then. This stud had to commence off gentle with me ‘cuz my cookie was so constricted and recent, but now I can handle a nice-looking stiff pounding. I’ve come a lengthy way with him since I lost my virginity. We’re exploring fresh, perverted things all the time, and I am super slutty all the time.”

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