Karma’s cookin’ in the kitchen

Karma's cookin' in the kitchen

Karma Karson, a 46-year-old SEXY HOUSEWIFE from Las Vegas, pours Jovan his morning coffee and accidentally-on-purpose spills some milk onto his fingers and dress. That babe licks the milk off his fingers in a very blow job-type way, then she keeps licking his hand like this babe is a cat lapping up milk.

Karma’s looking very hot in a short, red strapless dress and heels, so it doesn’t take much to convince Jovan that this chab should be late to work. This babe sucks his large, dark schlong then they screw right there in the kitchen, on the counters and the floor, in advance of this Lothario blows his load in her mouth. Well, not entirely in her face hole. Some of it drips down her forehead and into her eyes and off her nose and into her mouth. She’s a complete cum mess by the time this scene is over.

Karma is a webcam glamour model who describes herself as “a female-dominant in the street, a freak in the cam room.” This babe can add “freak at 40SomethingMag.com” to that, being that almost any chicks don’t engulf and fuck honest-to-goodness rod on-camera. That babe says this babe is “pretty open” about her sexuality and says this babe doesn’t have carnal fantasies. This babe lives ’em.

Doing this was one of ’em. This babe made our fantasies come true, too.

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