Just the right age to receive DP’d

Just the right age to receive DP'd

“You should do porn.”
“Aren’t you likewise old to do porn?”

The proper responses to those statements would be, “I already do,” and “No.” Or, to be more specific, “I’m not also old to get DP’d by a 25-year-old and a 26-year-old on-camera.”
As is happening here.

Karen Kougar likewise aged? Not at all. She is just entering her prime years. And if there ever were a SEXY HOUSEWIFE who should be doing porn, it’s her.

Karen told us this babe watches her scenes with her husband, so now, Mr. Kougar will have the fun of watching two total strangers double-fucking his wife’s holes.

That babe likewise told us that that babe thought her scenes were great. So did her spouse. That man is plan to like this scene, too.

After all, any time a 53-year-old woman opens a scene with a marital-device in her cum-hole and anal beads jammed up her anus, you know priceless things are gonna happen. Priceless things have already happened!

We asked Karen what she does to make a chap feel peculiar, and this babe said, “I ask him what this gent wishes. Sometimes boyz are afraid to tell u what they desire until u ask ’em. Adore, a lad might be afraid to ask u to suck his nuts. So I’ll say to him, ‘Do u wish me to suck your balls? ‘Do u wish to screw my wazoo?’ And it’s great if that fellow does the same thing for me, meaning ask me what I want. And it is always admirable to know that a chap cares, that this chap is not just out for himself.”

Remember that, boyz. You could phrase the question like this: “Would u love me to fuck your wazoo?” And then, everyone will be cheerful.

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