Jewel screws her grandson’s best ally

Jewel screws her grandson's ultimate friend

The fact is that 67-year-old Jewel has children and grandchildren, and maybe some of those grandchildren have allies who have seen Grandma Jewel sucking and rogering at Which brings us to this scene.

Jewel has been doing some pottering about in the garden, and when that babe comes inside, that babe spots her grandson’s best friend jacking off in the guest bedroom. Now, almost any grandmothers would screech or run away or say, “What are u doing? Acquire with out my house immediately and by no means come back!” Maybe they’d pass out from the shock.

But Jewel isn’t adore most grandmothers. This babe watches him for a during the time that then walks into the room and catches him off-guard. This babe pretends to be shocked. He’s mortified, but his pecker is still stiff. This dude confesses that he’s been jacking off to her every morning since this guy is been there. Jewel knows how to take a compliment, so she jacks his dick for him then sucks it then copulates it. That babe talks smutty to him, too. Hey, we not at all told Jewel was your everyday grandma.

Jewel is 68 now (she was 67 when this scene was discharged). She’s married and lives in North Carolina. She is one of the most down-to-earth chicks u could ever meet, and that babe is always a joy to have in our studio. She’s a nudist but hasn’t been a swinger for a lengthy time. She doesn’t have any fetishes.

She’s, in not quite each way, the epitome of the Southern belle. Almost.

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