Lil’ Bush

Lil' Bush

Heather’s no demure teenager! You might be experienced to tell by that cocked eyebrow and the devilish look in her eye that Heather is a wicked goddess. You have already viewed her lez it out with Ava in the Holiday ’13 issue, and this babe is got more surprises coming. But we don’t wanna give away likewise much. Just rest assertive that her lips–both pairs–will be put to very worthy use!

Heather’s hairstyle gives her the foremost of one as well as the other worlds. We’re talking about her pubic hairstyle, certainly. As you can see, that babe has a fluffy triangle on top but is completely bald from her snatch to her chocolate hole. Not even a stray hair can be identified! “I wax my lips and arsehole so they’re always super smooth. I love for the parts that are plan to be licked to be cushioned and hairless.

But I too like having pubes, so I just keep ’em on top. I like to run my fingers through my bush. My fuzzy V has the appearance of an arrowhead pointing you str8 to the wonderful stuff!” We’d take her furthermore we could acquire her–bald, hirsute, whatsoever. But she’s good sufficient to appease the one and the other baldie and bush lovers!

Heather is basically your teen dream goddess.

She’s a supple honey bunny who loves rough sex, aged men, sucking schlong, masturbating and having her asshole licked (and occasionally drilled). Public sex and three-ways are nothing fresh to her. “I one time drilled in a church.” Neither is sex with gals. “Oh, I love gals! My fantasy is to have an all-girl foursome.” She’s open to just about each recent experience, and has the kind of enthusiastic cock-lust that proves that she indeed likes fucking.

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