Natural Girl

Natural Beauty

This Brit babe’s fuzzy fanny is on fire!
Even at such a youthful, tender age, Fawna has developed a classy style. But that all goes out the window when it is time to copulate. “Oh, I acquire so wanton! I say filthy things, and I like it. I especially like telling the
bloke to view my fanny as that man is thrusting into it, and then I ask him if that gent likes it.”

“I love to costume up in styles from the 40s, Fiftys and Sixty’s. And I especially like vintage underware.” And as you may
remember from the Aug. ’12 issue, Fawna has a precious bush to go along with her retro sensibilities, but none of the
modesty of the past! In fact, she lately lost her virginity and was all also desirous to tell us about it. “Finally having sex was extraordinary. It felt better than I imagined. Now I am up to having three orgasms
every time I fuck! I am having enjoyment learning about all the different things I can try.”

Even innocent cuties desire to feel hawt. “Before I had sex I’d always wear underware coz I liked the way
it looked and the way it made me feel. I suppose since I was a virgin, wearing underware made me feel like I was more
competent than I indeed was. But now that I’m having sex I like to dress up for the boy I am shagging.”

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