Winning A Wager

Winning A Bet

“Listen, I am doing this on a dare from one of my girlfriends,” El told us. “We were up late hanging out and we got into an argument over which one of us was more punk. I’m obviously way more rebellious than she is. I have the look down, and I am way more wild and free-spirited. This babe appears like a fuckin’ princess and acts love it, too. So, she and I get into an argument and I blurt out that I’ve taken naked pix for my woman chaser friends to jack off to. She raises the stakes by telling me that she’s put images online for everyone to see. So then I told, ‘Oh yes? Well, I’m scheduled to shoot pictures for a fuckin’ mag, and boyz are plan to jerk their weenies right onto my photos.’ She was just blown away and I won the fight. Certainly, then I had to discover you boyz to do it. I couldn’t just say it and not go throughout with it. Plus, it’s been a dream of mine for a during the time that.”

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