A Petite Tinkler

A Slight Tinkler

Tell us about your kinkiest experience.
“It was in the bathroom at school. Some dudes had dared this boy to go into the girls’ bath. He went into one more stall and just sitting there in silence. I called him over to keep me company whilst I peed, and that gent got rigid when that smooth operator saw my snatch.”

What happened next, Chloe?
“He observed me pee, and then I told him to take out his penis so I could engulf it. The orall-service was really hot, and at the same time I was shocked that I was doing it in a washroom at school. I remember being truly turned on. His dick felt so stiff in my face hole; I knew it would feel great in my muff. So I stood up, and this chab drilled me from behind. I wanted to moan but had to stay kind of quiet just in case. My pussy was making velvety noises from being so luscious during the time that he thrust into me. This petticoat chaser did not final lengthy, maybe like, eight minutes. But I came, and this buck sprayed cum all over my booty.”

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That dude from her school isn’t the solely one who receives turned on watching angels pee. 18eighteen browsers cant acquire sufficient of our tinkling nubiles, so we asked Chloe if she’d be so kind to give us a pee reveal. That babe was happy to oblige. “I’ve truly fantasized about a boy watching me pee out side. I think voyeurism is hot. Probably explains why I drilled that man in the baths!”

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