A-hole Like

Butt Love

April is the trailblazer in her group of friends.
This babe is a wild one who does what that babe desires, when that babe urges. “I was the first one of my allies to have sex,” she told. “At 1st they were all prude about it, but then after I screwed they all started fucking. Now I am doing anal and they all wanna try it!”

What do u tell your allies about anal?
“That it is fun, it feels good and they should just do it! I was scared the first time I endevoured it, but one time I felt how mind boggling it was I realized there was no thing to be scared of. You just must be prepared and with someone who knows what they’re doing. The main advice I give them is to find a boy who’s done it before. Two anal virgins donot mix!”

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