Budding Blond

Budding Blonde

We have observed Sammy transform.
That babe was one time coy and coy, and lazily Sammy has opened up in advance of our cameras. This babe went from a beauty who covered her throat and giggled at the mere mention of sex, to a cum bitch taking bigger than typical knobs and big loads. “I’m way more old about sex now.”

Are you still a little shy about sex?
“Maybe a teeny slight bit, but nowhere near where I was in advance of. I suppose back on how I used to be with sex and I feel confused. I was such a prude! Now I’m all about getting naked and screwing.”

Does your recent attitude shock folks?
“Not actually. Allies who have known me a long-time feel love, ‘Finally! This babe grew up!’ And newer people just figure I have always been a bitch!”

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