Brazilian Butt

Brazilian Booty

Jessi, u have quite the wazoo for such a slim, little girl.
“I know. I guess it looks even bigger in size than it really is ‘coz the rest of me is so small. But honestly, I love having a larger than run of the mill, succulent booty. When I’m walking down the street I can nearly feel the heads turning to investigate my wazoo.”

With an gazoo love that, do u enjoy anal or anal play at all?
“I’m a little scared to try anal. A finger is the most I’ve had in there, and I’m not in a rush to change that! It does feel fine when a charmer licks it though. But I’ll save the anal for later. Usually boyz just wanna see my booty bouncing on their dicks, anyway. I know that I can make a dude cum actually fast if we do it doggie-style. I swear, it not at any time fails. I suppose it is ‘cuz they adore the way I shake my arse. And during the time that they’re thrusting into me, I thrust back and tell ’em to slap my arse. Then they muff on my a-hole love handles and blow their loads!”

Do u wear knicker bikinis to the beach?
“Of course I do! I’m Brazilian. We are the inventors of skimpy bikinis!”

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