Biking Looker

Biking Beauty

“I was indeed hoping my parents would receive me a car for my 18th birthday, but all I got was this bike! Well, I still made the most of it. I might not be accomplished to drive around and bonk boys in the backseat, but I can still ride my bike to a hook-up’s house. I use the bike as practice for riding the boy. Now that I’ve been riding regularly, I have noticed that I can go way longer in cowgirl. I used to must avoid, but now I can keep riding until we both cum. Yeah, I adore it when we one as well as the other large O at the same time and he discharges his cum all up in my slit. And I’ll tell u something obscene. I like feeling the cum leaks out of my cookie and soak my straps while I’m riding my bike back home. I’ve got the dirtiest bike seat in city!”

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