Auburn Girl

Auburn Angel

Trinity, you need to be the almost any popular beauty at your school!

“No way! I’ve a group of a not many close allies, but that’s it. Everyone else calls me a whore, when I haven’t even had sex before! These rumors started ’cause I went on a date with this football player and I shot him down when that Lothario attempted to kiss me. The next day at school this chab told everybody he’d drilled me!”

How come you did not urge to fool around with the football boy?

“I just was not into him. The merely reason I even went out with him was because this chab was so persistent. But this dude turned out to be super immature. Older guys are way more awesome. I have solely had one boy on my mind all year, and he’s one of my teachers. I cant go one night with out touching myself and thinking of him.”

Are you saving your virginity for your teacher?

“In my fantasies, yes! I would adore it if he’d slip his shlong inside of me and pop my cherry and display me just what an maturer boy can do. But I know that’s not gonna happen as long as I am a first-year student. I suppose once I graduate I’m plan to pay him a visit and see if this dude wants to get some coffee. That is when I am going to make my move. Seriously, I have by no means had the hots for anyone else like I do for him. I get luscious just thinking about him. I’d expect forever to lose my virginity to him if I knew there was a chance!”

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