Fallen Goddess

Fallen Angel

Ariana may be dressed like an goddess, but don’t be fooled.

She’s really just one more wanton legal age teenager playing innocent on Halloween. And we can’t truly blame her–not with a firm, little body like hers, complete with delectable knockers and a super-tight, pink puss!

Bucks must hit on you all the time! What’s the funniest pick-up line a lad has ever used on you?

“[Laughs] Oh, I wouldn’t say all the time, but I do acquire some attention. I guess I got it even more when I was a cheerleader. I guess the finest one I can remember right now is, ‘Hey hotty, if being cute was a crime, you’d be in jail!’ I laughed, but probably solely coz the boy was nice-looking good looking himself. I let him take me out for ice sex cream that day, but he didn’t truly have a lot going on upstairs so I wound up ditching him. I need a lad that is enjoyment and free and effortless but likewise valuable to talk to. No silent types!”

So tell us more about yourself. What kinds of things do u savour?

“I’m kind of your archetypical teenager. I like hanging out with my friends a lot. I’m studying to become a nurse. And yeah, I know you’re wondering: I do adore sex and have it 3 times a week!”

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