Flirtatious Fanny

Flirty Fanny

Fanny has 2 meanings.
The word fanny means booty in the US and snatch in the UK. In both cases Ariana is still a brazen fanny because she’ll entice you with her cunny and her a-hole! In this photoset, we see the mouth-watering combo of the one and the other her fannies on expose and feel the pull of her sexuality.

What’s up, Ariana? Tell us some hot sex ram!
“I’ve been boning this recent Lothario and we have been having the hottest sex ever. It’s one of these things where we’re indeed in sync. Just the other day I had three orgasms in 10 minutes. By the final one there were words and sounds coming with out my face hole that I wasn’t even aware of, and then I started giggling hysterically. It was cuz I had such an endorphin rush from having sex. So the laughing part was nice-looking much involuntary and came from somewhere unfathomable and primitive inside of me.”

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