Bush Cutie

Bush Babe

What’s up with that bush, Anissa?
“I love the way it looks on me. And since sooo many angels shave, wax and laser their pubes off, I feel love having a little bush makes me unequalled. Kinda laughable that just being my natural self is something that would make me unique, huh?”

In advance of u fool around with a guy do u let him know u have pubes?
“Not always. I talk gorgeous openly about sex so sometimes it will casually come up in conversation beforehand, but I do not feel that I should need to warn studs that I’ve a bush. If they cant handle a cutie with pubes then I do not think I desire to hook up with them. Fortunately I have gotten a positive response about my bush from all the dudes I’ve had sex with.”

What do they tell you about your pubes?
“They tell me they like my vagina fuzzy and that it’s hot and squishy. They can’t live with out to nuzzle their face in it and eat me out for what seems adore hours. I have even converted some shaved lovers into bush lovers in advance of.”

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