“I’ve always been sexual. I 1st got my start experimenting with my superlatively worthwhile ally. We would have sleepovers and eat every other out all night. I thought I was a lesbo for the longest time! Then I started fooling around with studs and I was hooked. I am definitely a size queen. I started off with a lad with a normal-sized 10-Pounder, but even then I knew I needed more. I am always on the hunt for a larger jock. If a lad is also petite, I’ll let him screw my wazoo.

“I don’t wanna say that your buck is too dunky ‘coz this chab is definitely above typical, but I did not receive to think twice about doing anal with him, and that probably tells u that he is not packing also much for me to handle. I have had lads with cocks so big, I couldn’t even wrap my lips around the head. Those are astonishing ‘coz I can ride them and they don’t even need to move. I can just rock my haunches on top and acquire stretched until I cum and they give me a creampie. I’d say that’s my favourite way to shag. Just make sure to bring the lube! I am not trying to go to the hospital ‘cuz of your anaconda!

“The more anal play, the more astonishing,” Mila said us. “I like when a ladies man is eating me out and slides a finger into my gazoo. I have done DOUBLE PENETRATION before, and it felt great, but I didn’t love how the chaps had to fight over who got which hole. That’s why I most like foursomes. That way, everyone can have pleasure at the same time without any jealousy or everything. Of course, it is indeed subrigid to identify cuties who are as open-minded and sexual as me. It is happened twice, but I’d adore to do it more often. Finding guys to have an fuckfest is a screwing piece of cake. All of u studs are slutty bastards!

“I like public sex. I’ve done it not quite everywhere: a park, a lifeguard tower, on top of a car in a full parking lot, a video theater, in an airport terminal at night, and now I’ve drilled on-camera for everyone to see!”

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