Verhooked on anal

Verhooked on anal

Hard-bodied, dirty-talking blonde Amanda Verhooks is back for more rod, and this time, that babe is going to take it up the arse. Amanda isn’t a bigger in size than average lady. She’s 5’4″, 124 pounds, and that babe doesn’t have an ounce of bulky on her body. You’d think Rocky could split her ass in half with his dick. But Amanda takes every inch.

“Drill your little whore in the booty,” Amanda says. “Make her fuckin’ take it.”

“Fuck that wicked arse.”

“Fill that wazoo,” this babe says during the time that Rocky is poised above her and drilling her butthole doggystyle.

Amanda is 49 years aged. She’s from Michigan. She was referred to us by 60PlusMILF Sally D’Angelo. Thank’s, Sally.

“I like anal invasion,” Amanda said. “It makes me feel wicked.”

She is naughty. She is a wicked swinger and nudist who’s into a team fuck and fantasizes about gang bangs. She’s into girls. Her wildest raunchy experience involved a gal.

“She fucked my arse with a strap-on, pulled my hair and gagged me with the strap-on that had just been in my booty.”

Sounds like a scene.

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