Please Screw My Wife!

Please Screw My Wife!

Have you ever thought it would be hawt to look at your woman fuck one more boy? She will not have your dick in her mouth while that babe is sitting on his shlong. You’ve got to sit it out and check out him pleasuring your wife or girlfriend. That’s called cuckolding. Sometimes it’s about competition. Sometimes it is about humiliation. It is always about screwing. That is why we have put jointly the hottest cuckold scenes SCORE has ever filmed. These are real hotties with their real-life husbands watching and contemplating as they receive their cunts filled and rogered by competent cocksmen.

1st, we’ve Allura James, a 54-year-old accountant from California, and her partner, Rick. This chab displays up while Allura is groping Sergio the Stud’s knob, and at first, it sounds love this charmer doesn’t adore what he is seeing.

“What are you doing?” Hubby Rick bellows.

“Oh, I forgot to tell u, that is all,” Allura answers.

Tell him? Tell him what? That she planned to suck and screw a stranger’s dick right there in the living room of their marital abode? Is that the arrangement Allura has with her partner?

“You’re at it afresh?” Hubby says. “You can not keep on doing this!”

“It’s alright. I just crave him,” this babe says.

And that is when the situation takes a turn.

“You’re sure?” Spouse says.

“He’s rock hard and I wish him,” Allura says.

“Fine,” partner says, sat down. “You have him.” Then this chab addresses Sergio. “By the way, my name is Rick. Take care of it. I’m intend to receive something to eat and view.”

Take care of it? Is that how that Lothario refers to his pleasing wife’s throat and fur pie? Well, yes, it’s, ‘cuz in this relationship, there’s the peculiar love Allura has for her boyfriend and the entirely different peculiar adore she has for strapon. Some dudes would be jealous. Some dudes wouldn’t allow it to happen. But, you watch, Rick enjoys watching his wife shag other fellows. Allura enjoys rogering other dudes. And sometimes in a relationship, compromises receive to be made…especially when they’re not really compromises.

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