Worthy To Go

Good To Go

Alaina is always ready to copulate.
“I’m always excited and looking to get laid, so I’ve gotta be prepared. An unexpected screw could pop up at any time. I make sure to shower and shave my cum-hole and legs daily. It drives me nuts to have any stubble! And I always try to match my bra and panties and make sure they are cute. Cuties tend to have ratty, old underwear they wear when they just want to be comfortable. But not me! I throw them out. I merely like having cute underwear. I would be mortified if a skirt chaser saw me in some raggedy undies.”

Do u ever not wear any briefs?
“Sometimes I don’t. It feels odd! Either my bawdy cleft will be caressing against the inseam of my jeans, which can feel valuable, but sometimes it’s also much. Or if I am wearing a petticoat I can feel the breeze on my wet crack. It’s kind of hawt to think of flashing people my cunt, but I receive worried about my petticoat blowing up at the not right pont of time. It can
be enjoyment to go commando, but I love most of all to wear underclothes. And it is ‘coz my cunt is so succulent I need smth there to catch it. Otherwise I’ll be soaking through my jeans or oozing down my leg. That’s just also much. I need protection!”

Your slit is always juicing ’cause you are always amorous?
“Pretty much! My mind begins to wander, and the next thing I know I’m thinking about getting banged doggy position by a stranger in an alley. Then I can feel the juice drip with out my fur pie and onto my panties. It feels all warm, and to be totally honest, sometimes I go home and smell my panties in advance of washing them.”

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