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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Melissa Johnson and the very young, very big, black cock

Written on July 31, 2019 at 10:45 pm, by

Melissa Johnson and the very young, very greater than standard, darksome dong

Melissa Johnson and the very juvenile, very large, dark-skinned cock

Melissa Johnson is relishing some alone time in her bedroom, a beauty and her dildo, when, unbeknownst to her, her son’s friend, John, walks into the abode. Her son had given him permission to take a shower there, but when John hears moaning, he makes a decision to find out. Is everything alright?

Anything is more than alright. Anything could not be better. Mrs. Johnson is lying in her couch, wearing hawt underware, legs widen, toy buried inside her constricted vagina, having a worthwhile old time. John is shocked by what this chab sees, but that doesn’t stop him from looking. And looking. Lastly, Mrs. Johnson catches him, and although this fellow tries to stammer out a lame excuse, that babe can tell by the bulge in his pants that this chab urges her.

John, by the way, is merely Twenty three years mature.

Melissa is Fifty eight years aged, but when there is damp cum-hole and inflexible knob, age difference doesn’t matter. Especially when the mastix with the soaked slit is concupiscent and hot with greater than typical scones and a sexy body. Melissa proceeds to take out his bigger in size than typical, darksome meat-thermometer and drool all over it, give him a sloppy irrumation and suck his nuts and then have her son’s friend screw her cum-hole. In the end, this charmer shoots his cum all over her face.

So much for that shower.

Melissa was born in Honolulu and lives in Romania. This babe is a webcam glamour model who was discovered for us by 60Plus MILF Rita Daniels. When we asked Melissa if the people this babe knows would be surprised to watch her here, she told, “Some yeah, some no. Our best allies know that I have been a webcam adult model for years and that my spouse and I like sex. Most of my family does not know.”

Melissa has been a flight attendant and a first- and second-grade English teacher. Just imagine: Someone’s former grade school teacher is now mouthing and banging on-camera for all the world to see. If that is not hawt, we do not know what is.

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Hidden Horniness

Written on July 31, 2019 at 3:18 pm, by

Hidden Horniness

Hidden Horniness

Have u boyz noticed the trend of priceless beauties getting tattoos not lengthy ago? Bad gals have always had ’em, but now it seems love every angel, even the sinless ones, are getting inked. Sometimes their tats are gorgeous fuckin’ dumb. Nikki’s got some valuable ones, but they’re hidden, just like her crave to screw on-camera. But when her hawt outfit come off and you watch her tattoos and her merry little titties, you know there’s a wild side that this babe lets loose every one time in a while.

“I present myself as a indeed proper woman, but I am the horniest person ever,” 19-year-old Nikki said us. When angels tell us things like that, we ask for evidence. “Well, I can give a great, enthusiastic irrumation!”

Sorry, Nikki. That is not going to cut it. Tell us a story.

“I adore being a voyeur. One time, when I was an assistant to a doctor, this chab was having a subrigid day and I offered to help him feel better. When I brought him lunch, this chab grabbed my hair, bent me over the nurse’s desk and dominated me. I went into the back office after that and stole the security tape so I could view it over and over some other time at home when I masturbated. This fellow did not know that I took it.”

Ok. That’s beautiful amorous.

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Toy time for Victoria’s enjoyable booty

Written on July 31, 2019 at 2:48 pm, by

Toy time for Victoria’s pleasing booty

Toy time for Victoria's pleasant ass

Victoria Lobov, a 47-year-old wife from Russian Federation who now lives in the United States, is wearing a suit that her bigger in size than typical milk cans are pouring out of. That babe has luxuriant golden-haired hair that flows over her squishy shoulders, and she is wearing sultry red lipstick.

The digital camera takes us on a journey of her buxom body. This lady has it all. Face. Titties. A-hole. Legs. That babe is love a HORNY HOUSEWIFE Barbie Doll who’s come to life. No wonder this female has quickly become so popular with the big-tit crowd at SCORELAND.

Victoria moves her hands over her body, cupping her breasts, always maintaining eye contact with u. It is love she is your hotty, and today, that babe is.

“Hi, I’m Victoria,” she says. “I wanted to display u my costume. So taut. It hugs my curves so perfectly. I receive lewd every time I wear it.”

This babe climbs onto the chair, exposes us her wazoo and spanks it. This babe does that ‘cuz this week is all about Victoria’s wazoo and how it is going to be screwed on Wednesday (fotos) and Thursday (movie).

Eventually, Victoria, absolutely naked, not a stitch of raiment on her, takes out a toy. This babe rubs her clitoris, which is pierced, and pushes the toy inside her fur pie, quickly working it in and out.

“I wonder if I could put it in my butt,” she says. “Will it work?”

It works precious, and judging by Mrs. Lobov’s groans of enjoyment, she indeed enjoys it.

By the end of this movie scene, Victoria’s arsehole is ready for the bigger in size than standard event. But are u ready? We do not blame u if u need time to…ahem…reload.

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Oral fun Addiction

Written on July 30, 2019 at 6:58 am, by

Oral stimulation Addiction

Oral Addiction

Alexis, do u adore to put things in your mouth?

“Duh! Why do u think I’m sucking on this ding-dong popsicle? It tastes precious and anything, but I love to pretend I am engulfing a real dong. And I am sure all the boyz seeing those pix will like looking at me suck on it. They’ll probably imagine that it’s their jock in my mouth instead of this candy one. Let them know that not solely can I give really worthy blow jobs, but I like to do it! For a lengthy time now I have had this orall-service fixation–I need to have smth in my face hole. When I cant engulf jock, I’m constantly chewing gum.”

Please tell us that you don’t have a gag reflex, Alexis.

“I don’t! Deep throat is what I’m actually worthwhile at. But sometimes my jaw gets overtired ’cause when I give head I can do it for Fourty five minutes because I love the smack of jock so much. That is a lengthy time!”

Do u like to get head?

“Of course! And I like to have sex, also. It’s just that blow jobs are like, my thing. Everyone has that one thing they can’t live out of and are indeed admirable at, and mouthing schlong is my special gift.”

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Victoria Lobov: Prelude to anal

Written on July 30, 2019 at 6:49 am, by

Victoria Lobov: Prelude to anal

Victoria Lobov: Prelude to anal

Patience is a virtue with a female. Take it slow. Treat her right.

What we mean is, u don’t just pop your schlong into a woman’s a-hole and think she’s intend to like u for it. You must prime her. Make her want it. Give her the chance to relax, because the fact is, a relaxed arse is plan to feel truly fine around your meat-thermometer.

This week, Victoria Lobov, the 47-year-old Russian wife who was not even planning to suck 10-Pounder or shag when that babe first visited our studio last winter, is plan to take a greater than run of the mill porn cock up her constricted booty, and she’s going to savour it. We know that cuz we have seen the pix and the episode. Victoria truly enjoys herself, as that babe should.

But there’s a reason this babe enjoys herself: Her buck took it slow, and we took it slow with her.

So, today, we’ve solo pics of the sensational, super-busty Mrs. Lobov showing off her hawt body and rogering her muff and taut ass with a toy, and tomorrow, we have video of the scene. This is Victoria’s way of getting ready for the big event, an event she probably at not time thought would happen when that babe first came to us.

In fact, she once said to us, “I’m not into anal play or anal dance.” But that changed, which is not atypical. Victoria is in her age of exploration. That babe is trying new things and discovering this babe can relish sexual experiences she had never considered previous to.

Love engulfing dong on-camera.

Like screwing on-camera.

And like having a bit of ass with a porn charmer.

Cant expect to watch that, can you? We do not blame you. But be patient. The buildup will make Victoria’s anal a gang bang even more fine.

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Saya Song

Written on July 30, 2019 at 2:40 am, by

Saya Song Saya Song
Saya Song @
Saya Song is the majority requested cutie in the undress club. Her VIP room has been donned Heaven. Its bright and airy up in the VIP and that babe seduces her men with her intoxicating moves. Her petite holes explode in climax when they fill them and waves of muff juice come crashing to the floor. Her slim frame grinds and bends, allowing her to take in multiple inches of meat-thermometer unfathomable inside her body. View as Saya does what Saya does best: entertain studs and fill her throat full of heavenly man-juice.
Saya Song Saya Song
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Melissa Johnson and her very unusual toy

Written on July 29, 2019 at 11:10 pm, by

Melissa Johnson and her very weird toy

Melissa Johnson and her very atypical toy

“I like using my vibrators and my fingers to masturbate,” said 58-year-old wife and Mother Melissa Johnson. “How much time I take depends on where I am and how much time I’ve. And, certainly, how concupiscent I’m.”

In her return to, Mrs. Johnson, who has a seriously sexy body, has all the time that babe wants, she’s very excited, and she uses a very weird toy on her cunt and asshole. Seriously, you acquire to see it. It is marvelous much indescribable.

She’s too dressed very sexily in a corset, a brassiere that accentuates her large scones and nylons that display off her fetching legs. This is a great way for Melissa to start her second full week of act at

Solo pics today.

Solo movie tomorrow.

On Wednesday, pictures of Melissa sucking and banging a bigger in size than run of the mill, dark dick.

And on Thursday, Melissa’s second on-camera video fuck. With that BBC, certainly.

Melissa was born in Honolulu and lives in Romania with her husband. This babe is a livecam model. 60Plus Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK Rita Daniels identified her for us.

Speaking of Rita, that babe is plan to make a grand return to next month with her first air-tight scene. That’s right: Rita, who’s in her 10th year of adult modeling for us and is now 69 years aged, is going to acquire her face hole, vagina and chocolate hole filled at the same time by young, hard weenies.

Sounds like something Melissa would do, too.

“I would,” this babe said.

We’re intend to acquire to keep that in mind.

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A Look Back At Morgan

Written on July 29, 2019 at 11:02 pm, by

A Look Back At Morgan

A Look Back At Morgan

You asked for more classic 18eighteen teenies, and we listened!

Morgan was a favourite at 18eighteen and Wicked Neighbors ‘cuz of her recent face, small chest and skinny body. She’s likewise completely cum-hungry.

In this scene, this babe got it on with a guy who was more than twice her age. This babe swallows him unfathomable and slides her snug vagina up and down his shaft. This scene marked the starting of her obsession with maturer strapon, and it’s obvious why. Not many dudes her age could give her the kind of dicking that babe got here.

“I’ve at not time cum love that before,” this babe told us after her scene.

Wherever Morgan is those days, we hope she is still cumming as hard that babe does here.

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Butt & Butterflies

Written on July 28, 2019 at 11:40 pm, by

Butt & Butterflies

Butt & Butterflies

“I like butterflies so I was so slutty when my partner wanted to bring me on a picnic to a butterfly garden. Isn’t that worthwhile? I adore being exposed out side so I got lascivious right away and had to take my fashionable clothes off. And the almost any awesome thing was that he bought me a butterfly sex tool that sits right on my like button so I can use it anywhere I crave. It’s amazing.”

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Rose’s XXX encore

Written on July 27, 2019 at 3:02 pm, by

Rose’s XXX encore

Rose's XXX encore

“I adore to go out to dinner and then I love to go dancing and then have sex for hours,” told Rose Mastos, a 44-year-old wife and Mother from Colorado who’s back for her second on-camera shag. Rose is a looker who actually can’t live with out engulfing pecker and showing off her butt. In this scene, she sucks meat-thermometer during the time that showing off her a-hole. Very wonderful.

“I come from a very conservative, religious background,” that babe said us. “I have always been the valuable gal, not at all getting without line or doing everything bad.”

Here, she does everything right with her juvenile smooth operator. That is obvious by the way this chab cums all over her face in the final images.

Rose’s erotic fantasy: “To do group action with a bunch of great greater than standard knobs.”

How often this babe has sex: “Two to five times a week.”

Kinkiest erotic encounter: “In a park by a river, type of in the open, and someone strolled around the corner and saw us.”

Rose was born in Portland, Oregon. That babe is also a grandmother. That babe enjoys hanging out with her family. This babe too enjoys going to swinger couples disrobe clubs, where that babe had her first fuckfest last summer: sex with four different bucks and two beauties.

“I merely knew 2 of the studs,” that babe said.

And she met Codey, who she’s with here, about five minutes in advance of they drilled.

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