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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Lily Jordan

Written on February 28, 2017 at 10:32 am, by

Lily Jordan Lily Jordan
Lily Jordan @
Lily Jordan is a bride-to-be, and one of her gigantic concerns is looking worthy in her wedding photos! With the bigger than typical day less than a year away, Lily is looking for a admirable personal tutor to whip her into shape! She’s done tons of research online, and now Lily is interviewing any and all potential trainers. This babe identified one who she’s so interested in, Lily is truly inviting him over to her house. It is the same house she shares with her fiance. Lily has something else on her mind: is that babe intend to be stuck having sex with just one fellow for the rest of her life? She’s always been curious about "black guys" and the entire "BBC thing", and this day she’s about to check out what’s up! Literally! After asking the trainer to see his muscles, this babe spies his enormous rock hard cock throughout his trousers! From there it’s a ardent adore making session…and it’s even on the daybed that babe shares with her woman chaser! After it is all told and done, and there is still spunk trickling from her captivating face, Lily Jordan asks for some other "training session". Sure enough, she is been turned into a Dark Pecker Floozy!
Lily Jordan Lily Jordan
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Playing Favorites

Written on February 28, 2017 at 2:08 am, by

Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites

We’ve so many nice-looking gals send in pix, we tend to sort ’em into categories in our minds: Busties, flatties, asses, anal paramours, Bush Babies, etc. And when we think of these categories, a dozen or so names come to the forefront of every subset. But when we think of our all-time favorite beauties, every member on the NaughtyMag team has their own personal much loved.

Kate Anne is our editor Eamonn’s favorite. Maybe it is her velvety British accent. Maybe it is her thick, luxuriously cushioned pubes. Or maybe it is her hourglass figure or her large, downy bosoms. Whatever it is, Kate Anne is one memorable beauty.

We reached out to Kate lately ‘cuz we were wondering if she, love so many of our previous Bush Baby beauties, had shaven off her pubes. She responded by sending us a picture. Let’s just say, we were glad to see photo proof of her still very much intact bush. Relish her most-recent pictures!

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Quiet? Not quite. Coyness? We don’t think so.

Written on February 28, 2017 at 1:46 am, by

Quiet? Nearly. Timid? We don’t think so.

Quiet? Almost. Demure? We do not think so.

“I come across as shy and quiet, but I have a concupiscent side that surprises people,” said 52-year-old divorcee Layla LaMora.

Layla surprised us by making loud humming noises when this babe was engulfing a stud’s meat-thermometer in her 1st scene at, and she was full of surprises (and pecker) when that babe fucked her son’s 2 best allies in her encore scene. In that one, two young fellows filled her face hole and twat with meat-thermometer and glazed her face.

Before coming to our studio, Layla had not at all sucked and screwed on-camera, and she had at no time been in a three-way. Once we started rolling, it was clear that Layla’s motto is: a little less conversation, a little more act. This babe would rather use her lips for engulfing meat-thermometer and let her body do the talking as this babe rides and pounds untill this babe has an climax.

We asked Layla if she can’t live with out being observed during the time that having sex, and that babe said, “I will inspect.” This babe identified out. “I do,” that babe said.

Would her friends and family be shocked to know that babe did this?

“I’m not sure. U not at all know what I am going to do next.”

If we had to guess, we’d say her next move would be finding recent, younger ramrods to fuck. Maybe with an audience to check out. We can merely hope. Meanwhile, have enjoyment Layla’s big bumpers and powerful, pink cookie. She’s a keeper.

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Private School Twat

Written on February 27, 2017 at 1:57 am, by

Private School Cunt

Private School Pussy

Hailey is a intimate school girl who’s a little uptight. She needs some aid loosening up, which is what her big-cocked bonk buddy is here for. That ladies man finger bangs her taut muff subrigid, making sure she cums previous to that buck even sticks his wang in. Hailey is starting to chill out. At least her mouth is. That babe widens wide to get her face fucked and gags on this dude’s prick.

For the main course, Hailey is getting pounded. They dive right in to doggie and it is clear that this slight beauty can’t live with out it hard. Now she’s not worried about anything except cumming. Hailey is no longer the prissy intimate school gal; she’s the horny teen who rushes to her knees to gulp a load of cum.

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A very precious Night

Written on February 26, 2017 at 4:13 pm, by

A very good Night

A very valuable Night

It’s time to receive to know Nadia Night, a 40-year-old, sex-loving, huge-titted honey bunny from South Florida. Nadia has posed for Leg Sex and SCORE mag. SCORELAND, too, and now she’s on her second scene at Fourty something. She’s getting older and more admirable.

Nadia has dark hair and hazel eyes and DDD-cup juggs. She’s very feisty. This babe loves to shag. This babe knows she is a sex kitten and enjoys getting and giving enjoyment. She’s not a Mommy. She is not even a cougar, really. And that babe says the people who know her topmost would not be surprised to see her here.

“Who needs hot clothes in any case?” she told. “I don’t classify myself as a nudist. I just think handsome clothes are overrated.”

They are when a woman has a body adore Nadia’s. Long legs. Slim waist. DDD-cup milk cans. The lady has it all. She likes to engulf schlong and balls. That babe likes to bonk. She is even open to anal dance, which she’s doing this day and talks about in this interview.

Nadia is a wild female who’s living a wild life, and now we must relish it with her.

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Written on February 26, 2017 at 3:41 pm, by



We’re continuing our Piss-Takes Weekend with Chloe, whom you lads may remember from a petite in number months agone. She’s back, and this time this babe is letting loose with her full bladder.

Tell us about your kinkiest experience.
“It was in the washroom at school. Some chaps had dared this charmer to go into the girls’ bath. This man went into one more stall and just sitting there in silence. I called him over to keep me company during the time that I peed, and that fellow got hard when he saw my snatch.”

What happened next, Chloe?
“He viewed me pee, and then I told him to take out his dick so I could suck it. The fellatio was really hot, and at the same time I was shocked that I was doing it in a bathroom at school. I remember being truly turned on. His jock felt so hard in my throat; I knew it would feel great in my twat. So I stood up, and this gent drilled me doggy position. I wanted to moan but had to stay kind of quiet just in case. My twat was making velvety noises from being so succulent while that lady-killer thrust into me. He didn’t final long, maybe like, eight minutes. But I came, and this gent sprayed cum all over my wazoo.”

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Glazed Diamond

Written on February 25, 2017 at 9:12 am, by

Glazed Diamond

Glazed Diamond

“I adore to dance. I adore to perform,” told 64-year-old divorcee, Mommy and grandmother Diamond Red, who this day is performing in her 1st fuck episode. In it, that babe brings her buck inside her house and tells him, “We get to hurry in advance of my son gets home. I urge u to screw me really precious. I desire you to shag me indeed unyielding. I urge you to stick that large wang inside of me. Do you think u can handle it?”

Yep, he can handle it. This Lothario fucks Diamond’s throat and slit with his 33-year-old rod and cums all over her pretty face.

“I love teasing and taunting and making people wish more but not giving it to ’em,” told Diamond, who doesn’t hold back here. “I’ve always danced. Ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom. It’s just such admirable exercise, and ‘cuz I like to flirt so much, it was just a natural progression to do this.”

A natural progression for her. Not for most sweethearts. That is what makes 60Plus MILFS special. Diamond might not have ended up here if not for her friend Leah L’Amour, who suggested she do this.

This sexy redhead and her boy are swinger couples. One day, one more husband said to her, “What would you think if we brought more people into our carnal lives?”

That babe was not sure about that. “He told, ‘There’s a great exotic dancing club in Miami. U don’t must do anything u do not wanna do. You can wear your hot little hawt outfit. It’s a great place to dance. Valuable buffet dinner.’ So we went, and it was so much joy. So then we went back many more times, and over the years, I introduced other males to the lifestyle, and they all seemed to love it. I have been in the lifestyle on and off for years.”

And now this babe is doing porn. A natural progression.

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Taking turns on the mom’s arse

Written on February 25, 2017 at 8:58 am, by

Taking turns on the mom’s wazoo

Taking turns on the mom's ass

“Yes, I like anal invasion,” 41-year-old divorced Mommy Lily Canary said us when she made her debut.

She didn’t acquire ass-fucked in that scene, but this babe does here. In fact, two youthful guys take turns on Lily’s constricted butt, and when they can not hold back any longer (which is a lot longer than we would’ve been able to hold back), they discharge their loads on her charming fun bags and face.

Lily is from the Czechia, and a lot of honey bunnys from the Czechia have three-ways in their private lives. Some of them do it as pornstars. Very diminutive in number of them are mothers. That’s what makes a scene adore this so peculiar.

Lily wishes to visit the United States. We think she should so some American bucks can savour with her gazoo. Why should Czech boys have all the pleasure? This babe is a romantic. This babe likes gentlemen. Those boys were gentlemen. Every waited until it was his turn to drill her gazoo.

“I loved watching my first scene at,” Lily told us. “I viewed it with a gentleman friend who I had not at all had sex with but wanted to entice. I could see him getting rock hard so I told to him, ‘You can take it out.’ So this chap did and I gave him a irrumation whilst we viewed my scene.”

Sounds love a helluva date!

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Written on February 25, 2017 at 8:46 am, by



Are u the kind of boy who can’t live without watching young cuties tinkle? Do u acquire off watching that golden stream exiting her fur pie, only to view it stuffed later by fingers and dicks? Well, you have got a great weekend ahead of you. We have got the next 3 days scheduled with juvenile teens who just get to tinkle.

1st up is Lexy.

Have u ever peed where u weren’t supposed to?
“All the time! In fact, I like peeing in places other than a bath. I adore to pop a squat out side. It feels so natural. One time I peed in a stairwell. And peeing in the garage was joy!” See it for yourself in the DVD L’il Pissers, available at

What’s the thrill you receive from peeing in atypical places?
“I adore the freedom of it. The naughtiness of it. The possibility of somebody seeing me. I am a little bit of a rebel at heart, so sometimes I like to do things that are taboo or forbidden. Plus, it is more convenient to drop your briefs and go when u must. Fellows have way more freedom with that, why shouldn’t gals have it too?”

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Shower Expose

Written on February 24, 2017 at 2:35 am, by

Shower Flaunt

Shower Show

For the majority part, we acquire photo submissions from angels with an over-the-top erotic appetite. So when we asked teenage Arianna how often she masturbates and that babe said us only once a month, we were constrained. Almost any of our beauties do it more frequently. “I would do it all the time if I wasn’t living in my parents’ house,” that babe explained. “The walls are so thin!”

“I lost my virginity in my bedroom,” Arianna said us. “And that was such a pain in the arse. Not the sex! The entire hiding-it-from-mom-and-dad thing was a pain. I was out on a date with my spouse and we were having such a great, romantic time, I promised him that I’d sleep with him that night. I told it half-joking, but this petticoat chaser still showed up outdoors my bedroom window around midnight. When it came down to it, I attempted to stay quiet, but that smooth operator was so big and I was so tight, I must have been grunting and stammering more than I thought I was. It was a success, though. It was so romantic.”

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