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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Jessica Torres – Banging Jessica out of the wait

Written on January 29, 2016 at 5:50 pm, by

Rogering Jessica out of the wait

<b>Screwing Jessica with out the expect</b>” title=”<b>Banging Jessica out of the await</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=Now it’s time for 40-year-old Jessica Torres’ 1st XXX clip. Jessica, a divorcee and Mamma who was born in the Phillippines and lives in Chicago, said us, “I by no means thought I would do anything like this.” That being told, this babe does it well.

In the episode interview that precedes the fucking, Jessica says she’s not an elementary lay. Sex on the 1st date? No way. Maybe a peck on the cheek. Maybe a oral sex by the 4th date. Maybe sex after a month.

Certainly, things are different in a porn studio. Tony, who that babe just met, acquires into Jessica’s mouth and pussy right away. Nice deal for him, and we must jack to the act.

Jessica is 5’7″ and weighs about 134 pounds. This babe has brown hair and nice milk sacks. This babe enjoys watching soccer and videos. This babe has three kids. This babe has owned a restaurant, a clothes store and a tax preparation service. This babe can’t live with out to be watched while having sex. That is a worthwhile thing for her. And for us.

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Rosie – A New Begin

Written on January 29, 2016 at 5:19 pm, by

A New Initiate

A Recent Start

Do you remember Rosie the 24-year-old from Derby, England? She grew her pubes out for months just to send in some pictures to our website. This babe and her then-boyfriend are members here at our web page. Well, they broke up. “It was a lengthy time coming. I still love him, but we’re not as compatible as we used to be. It was time to move on,” Rosie told us. We’re guessing that she was talking about more than just her relationship, judging by the other major life decision she made recently. “I shaven off my hair, too. My pubes, I mean!”
“I’m not sure which pube style I like more. Shaving is a hassle, and I’m not brave enough to wax my holes. It sounds so painful! Almost all lads seem to like me hairless down there, though. I liked having my rug, too! It was pleasure to play with and run my fingers through. I likewise liked how I could shampoo my bush and it would remain fragrant through the day. I just did not adore how the hair felt in my panties. I went without them when I had the bush.”

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Victoria Versaci – Surprise! Victoria is fucking for all the world to see!

Written on January 29, 2016 at 5:16 pm, by

Surprise! Victoria is banging for all the world to see!

Surprise! Victoria is rogering for all the world to watch!

First-timer Victoria Versaci doesn’t costume like a sexy dancer, but she did for us. The fact that that babe dresses conservatively “but to still show my curves,” as that babe put it, at least partly explains why this 52-year-old divorcee doesn’t receive hit on a lot when that babe strolls along the beach in Los Angeles. We say “partly explains” cuz you need to wonder why fellows aren’t all over her larger than average fullsome funbags and mountainous, round butt.

“Maybe they are intimidated,” said Victoria, who was born in Mexico.

Maybe, but when you watch how Victoria sucks and copulates Tarzan’s wang in this scene, you’ll know that that babe is worth the dare.

In the interview portion of this movie scene, Victoria unveils off her wazoo. Later, this babe shows us her deep-throating skills. And then the rogering begins.

But wouldn’t you adore to know a little bit more about this hot Latina? Of course you would.

This babe loves Sylvester Stallone episodes, watching soccer, gonna the Fitness Centre, lengthy walks and traveling.

“I love good males who know how to treat a domina right.”

Her carnal dream is to have sex with 2 men at the same time.

Some of the people who know her would be surprised to watch her here. “Others, not so much.”

This babe is been a businesswoman. She is been a housewife. And now, she’s a 50PlusMILF.

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Cece Capella – Getting To Know Cece

Written on January 29, 2016 at 5:15 pm, by

Getting To Know Cece

Getting To Know Cece

We need to know cute, little Cece’s personality in advance of we’ve to know her body. She is a giggly 18-year-old from Arizona who loves to cook, go to the mall and receive on her web livecam. That babe at not time wears a bra ‘cuz her juggs are remarkably perky. Maturer males notice her, especially when that babe goes to a stripped beach. We do not blame them. Once she takes off her shirt it is rock hard to notice anything else. Cece twerks for us, tells us about a foursome that babe was in, and then she cums for us.

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Victoria Versaci – Victoria the big-assed Mexican MILF

Written on January 27, 2016 at 9:41 am, by

Victoria the big butted Mexican SEXY HOUSEWIFE

Victoria the greater than typical butted Mexican MILF

“I adore studs who know how to treat a female right,” says 52-year-old Victoria Versaci, a first-timer who knows how to treat guys right judging by the way she swallows Tarzan’s rod. Hawt Victoria, who’s Mexican and lives in Los Angeles, hadn’t had sex in two months in advance of this babe walked into our studio. She’s one hungry woman.

Victoria is wearing a dress that her DD-cup fun bags are pouring with out. The dress hugs her mountainous, round arse, which she happily brandishes off. This divorcee and HORNY HOUSEWIFE had not at any time had sex on-camera previous to that babe came here, so she was nervous and lustful. But it doesn’t flaunt when this babe begins screwing.

Victoria is a businesswoman. This babe was a hostess in a undress club for a whilst and gave lapdances. That babe didn’t disrobe. That babe just gave lapdances. She’s not a swinger. She is not a nudist. We detected her on Twitter. This babe fantasizes about having 2 men at the same time and says this babe doesn’t have sex often enough.

We’re plan to see what we can do about that.

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Michelle Taylor – Dreams Come True!

Written on January 27, 2016 at 9:06 am, by

Fantasies Come True!

Dreams Come True!

Michelle’s huge fantasy in the world is to become a world-famous glamour model. Coz we’re precious men here, we decided to make her dreams come true!

“I’ll try anything one time, Michelle told us. “That’s how my spouse has convinced me to do some indeed perverted shit. Like the time this chab screwed my face for the first time. I was worried about the mess, so we decided to do it in the shower. At first, he was truly gentle and I was kind of getting bored. Then, as this chab started getting more into it, that guy picked up the pace. Eventually, his ramrod was ramming my throat and my eyes were watering. This Lothario had my head in his hands and that man was treating my mouth like a muff.”

Boys, Michelle looked so sexy, we just had to shoot another set. In a future post, we’ve got Michelle in a tight blue bikini, overspread in baby oil and spreading her glossy, juicy pussy in the sun. Stay tuned!

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Cece Capella – What A Couple

Written on January 26, 2016 at 11:56 pm, by

What A Couple

What A Pair

Cece, we have to be honest. We cant stop staring at your love muffins! Are they real?
“It’s okay. I’m used to having them stared at. And yes, they are real. I was blessed with an amazing natural rack. I think just about each charmer who’s viewed them has told me they’re the nicest breasts they’ve ever observed.”

Do you like to show lots of skin?
“Now I adore to show some skin. I try to keep it tasteful but still a little hot and lustful. I used to be really timid and prudish though. I was confused by my chest cuz I would receive so much attention from dumb, randy males. The first time I had sex, I was riding the chap in cowgirl and I kept my bra on the entire time [Laughs]. I got over that, and now I embrace having a hawt body and larger than run of the mill scoops. Now I usually not at any time wear a brassiere since I do not actually need to. My meatballs are perky sufficient on their own.”

Have you ever been with an older smooth operator?
“Yes. I had a 53-year-old sugar dad. Once this stud blindfolded me and used all sorts of toys and techniques on me. I indeed felt anything since I could not see. That charmer was astounding in daybed. I have been hooked on old boys ever since. They know what they’re doing!”

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Tiffany Summers – My Neighbour

Written on January 26, 2016 at 2:54 am, by

My Neighbor

My Neighbor

“My neighbour Tiffany probably did not know what was going on when she kept on getting vibrators in the mail,” wrote J.L., who lives one house down from Tiffany. “Then one day, I ran into her whilst I was going out to acquire the mail, and I just decided to go for it. I said to her, ‘Have you been savouring your recent toys?’ She blushed, and then she told, ‘So it’s you who’s been sending these things to me! You know, you could’ve just asked.’ I didn’t say to her, ‘Asked what?’ I just followed her into her house.”

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Cadey Mercury – Little Cocksucker

Written on January 24, 2016 at 7:16 am, by

Little Cock-sucker

Little Cocksucker

“I adore to engulf meat-thermometer not quite as much as I love to screw. Nearly. There is just smth about feeling a subrigid rod in my face hole that sends tingles down to my cookie. As I run my hand up and down the shaft and feel it go down my throat I guess about how worthy it would feel in my slit. Seeing the guy’s reaction to what I do is too a turn on. But at the end of the day, no thing tops feeling that ramrod slide into my muff.”

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Jessica Torres – Wonderful beauties do

Written on January 23, 2016 at 8:20 pm, by

Precious gals do

<b>Priceless angels do</b>” title=”<b>Precious gals do</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=“I by no means thought I would do anything like this,” said Jessica Torres, a 40-year-old divorcee and Mother of 3 from Illinois (She was born in the Phillippines). “My friends and family will wonder what happened.”

What happened? Long story. Yes, Jessica loves having sex, but having sex on-camera, doing porn, was not on her to-do list until specie needs sent her our way. Priceless for us. Turned out it was priceless for her, likewise. She enjoyed herself.

We asked Jessica if that babe is ever picked up a smooth operator and taken him home or had sex on a first date, and that babe said, “Never. I’m not adore that.”

How lengthy does a charmer need to await?

“About a month. U may get a oral-sex on the 4th date. Maybe.” If a boy tries also rock hard, “He’s gone.”

“I’m a valuable angel,” she told.

“I am,” she insisted.

It’s not that this babe doesn’t desire to have sex before a month has passed. This babe does. But this babe doesn’t want boys to think this babe is facile.

Then once more, there is Tony here. This chab is not at all even dated Jessica and he’s getting to have sex with her. Porn’s a barmy thing. A valuable crazy thing.

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