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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Brandi Minx – Sexy human tricks

Written on June 30, 2015 at 8:24 am, by

Sexy human tricks

Sexy human tricks

“I can do things with my legs that almost all women can’t do,” told 41-year-old divorcee Brandi Minx. “Do you wanna see what I can do?”

Well, we know that Brandi can wrap her legs around studs’ backs. We’ve observed her do that at in her first 2 bonk scenes (including a three-some). And here, Brandi is plan to acquire her legs behind her head so you can look into her cunt and rectal hole.

“Guys are always a little freaked when I get my legs behind my head during the time that we’re screwing,” she told. “They usually cum too pretty soon. But that is okay. I adore cum. And there is always next time.”

Brandi likes to have sex “as often as I can.” We asked her if the people this babe knows would be surprised to see her here, and that babe told, “Some people would be surprised and some wouldn’t. I did not tell everyone I know what I do, but majority of my family knows.”

Brandi is an escort. We don’t know if that is supposed to mean she screws for money. You’d get to identify out for yourself. That babe likes to observe baseball (her beloved team is the Recent York Yankees). She enjoys going out to dinner, Broadway displays and casinos. She’d love to parasail and skydive. She’s very adventurous.

“I’ve had sex in taxi cabs in Recent York City and Nevada. I have fun being observed, which is why I’ve gotten into doing porn and why I attend swinging couples parties. I acquire off on the idea of so many lads watching me and looking at my fotos. I hope you all stroke and discharge humongous loads.”

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Saya Song – Amateur Asian Punk

Written on June 30, 2015 at 2:49 am, by

Amateur Oriental Punk

Amateur Oriental Punk

Lives: Saginaw, Michigan; Occupation: Internet web digi camera angel; Age: 28; Born: April Twenty six; Ht: 5′; Wt: 98 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: G-strings or briefs; Anal: I like licking with tongue & fingering; BJs: Just cum on my face; Masturbate: Hell yeah!

We post as many gals as we can possibly identify. It is tiring, but we know that u boyz are worth it. Furthermore, we likewise try to find a varied array of cunt ‘coz we know that variety is the spice of life. Saya is what we like to call a twofer. This babe is Oriental, which is sexy, and she’s alternative. We do not get likewise many hotty’s adore her in our magazine or on our website, so when that babe contacted us, we jumped at the opportunity to see her widen twat here on NaughtyMag. We’re pleased we did, she’s not adore almost all of the beauties we feature.

Saya calls herself a DIY porn angel. Since we had no screwing clue what that meant, we asked her. “It means that I take plenty of stripped photos of myself, and I sell them on the Internet.” Oh, so she is a adult model, right? “I’m not a adult star because I don’t have an agent. I don’t have accomplished photographers taking my pics. I usually take ’em myself or ask a friend to take pix for me. I do it to make a little extra cash and cuz I like showing off my body. I grew up in a strict household, so I think this is one of the ways I’m rebelling.”

Enjoy our twofer, guys. We sure did!

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Maci More – Cheering For Cum

Written on June 29, 2015 at 5:29 pm, by

Cheering For Cum

Cheering For Cum

Are you indeed a cheerleader?
“Yes, I was one in high-school. I’m still charming pliant and I’ll do splits and tumbling sometimes for joy. It appears to be to truly impress the boyz! And they’re even more impressed when I do a split on their strapon and take it super deep in my cookie. That’s the real reason boyz adore cheerleaders. We know a bunch of immodest tricks and we can put our ankles behind our head. Lads love being experienced to screw a goddess who can bend into batty poses.”

Tell us some cheer details.
“Some of the terms are humorous. Facial cumshots are truly a thing in the cheerleading world. It means you cant compete with a frown on your face. But it has a double meaning coz all the cuties on our team loved to acquire facial cumshots from boyz. That is something to smile about!”

Is it true cheerleaders are all bimbos?
“Not all of ’em, but almost any of them! I know I was. We would always share our sex stories and try to out-do every other. We got off on how much boys admired us, and we’d intentionally suit concupiscent to make ’em drool and acquire inflexible.”

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Lisa – It is All Off!

Written on June 28, 2015 at 9:07 pm, by

It’s All Off!

It's All Off!

Legs. Pits. Cookie. Lisa has hairless off all of her body hair. This babe had an outstanding bush previous to. Now this babe craves to know which u bucks most like.

That babe is not had a shaven bawdy cleft in a lengthy time. Her pubes used to be lengthy sufficient to run your fingers throughout. Likewise bad this babe decided to take the scissors to them instead.

Be sure to discover out the movie set we’re posting today, also. U can view her lather up with warm spunk and take the sharp razor to her beefy, yummy wet crack.

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Sable Renae – Sable acquires a BBC

Written on June 27, 2015 at 7:27 pm, by

Sable gets a BBC

Sable acquires a BBC

The question we always ask our 40something ladies is, “Why are you here? What compelled you to show off your stuff for all the world to see?” For 44-year-old Sable Renae, the answer was elementary.

“For most of my life, the wilder side of my sex drive and wishes were locked up in a box that said, ‘Break in case of marriage to a lawyer or doctor and only in intimate,'” this babe said. “Then my kids grew aged enough to be on their own. I did not receive married to a doctor or lawyer, but this is just me taking my life back and my bucket list with it.”

Doing this was on Sable’s bucket list. Fucking on-camera. In this scene, mouthing and banging Stallion’s big, black wang on-camera.

The truth is, Sable has already done some bucket list things. She is been a stripper for a lengthy time. That babe is married…legally to a guy and spiritually to a ladies man transitioning to be a bitch beauty. She is banged tons of youthful boys. And when she’s horny after a night of giving lap dances, she’s perfectly ready to call one of her screw buddies and ask him to be her hard cock for the night.

“I’m greatly addicted to schlong. Angels are great for foreplay. I have been in 3somes where it’s been two angels and a smooth operator, but if I desire a colossal orgasm, I need a male.”

She came to the right place for that.

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Rachel James – Horny Little Gal

Written on June 27, 2015 at 3:22 pm, by

Amorous Little Angel

Horny Little Angel

Lives: Miami, Florida; Occupation: Timeshare salesperson; Age: Nineteen; Born: March 21; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: G-strings or lace; Anal: Finger me, that is all; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: 24/7.

“I do not have any fetishes and my dreams usually center around a strong mastix taking control of me. I am not even certain why I’m doing this,” Rachel told us. “I guess it could be a way of rebelling against my parents or my goody two-shoes reputation. I was really serious throughout college. I graduated four months early. I only had one spouse that whole time. I was indeed blameless.”

“When I graduated early and started taking my nurse’s assistant classes, I was surrounded by all of those aged people. It opened my eyes. Everybody appeared to be to be rogering except for me. I started going out with ’em and doing things I at no time would have dreamed of. I fucked a security guard at a rap concert in a bath stall! At one point I was addicted to masturbating. I observed porn all day on my cell phone and I was making myself cum, adore, five times a day. I was marvelous much taking on each experience that came my way. I have had trios with each combination of guys and cuties. I was in relationships with sweethearts and men, sometimes at the same time. I went a little bit crazy! I am still batty, but I focus my attention on one thing at a time now.”

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Alex Mae – Flaunt Me Your Breasts!

Written on June 27, 2015 at 1:11 am, by

Show Me Your Meatballs!

Show Me Your Bra-busters!

Sometimes getting laid is as simple as asking. This fellow asks Alex to expose him her bazookas, and that babe is more than glad to bust out her little flatties so that stud can suck and cuddle ’em. Alex acquires down on her knees and does what the big-titted pin-ups on the wall can’t: spit all over his pecker and lick his shaft. Being so dunky and tight, this boy has to shove his pecker in sluggishly past her labia before that babe can take it all the way in her cookie. But once his pecker is in all the way to the hilt it is elementary sailing from there. Screwing her is definitely better than looking at a mag!

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Heidi – Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? Watch and see!

Written on June 26, 2015 at 3:35 am, by

Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? Observe and watch!

Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? View and watch!

This scene, 52-year-old Heidi’s second at, opens with an interview, and it is not love almost any interviews we’ve done. Heidi is wearing a fishnet bodysuit, and this babe proves it is crotchless by locking her legs behind her head in the pretzel position, opening up her soon-to-be-fucked snatch. This is quite an introduction.

Then this German fuck slut is asked if she can acquire ass-fucked in that position.

“I do not know if I can take a whole knob in that position up my arse ‘coz it is gorgeous large,” she said, referring to Rocky’s 24-year-old weenie.

So then, we set out to identify if Heidi’s backdoor is tighter when her legs are spread or when her legs are behind her head. Rocky sticks a finger in her anal opening. Tight. Then Heidi locks her legs behind her head and Rocky slides a finger into her butthole.

“Now it is better,” this stud says. “It’s less taut.”

So, it would appear to be that Heidi can acquire ass-fucked with her legs locked behind her head.

Then Heidi is asked about ace fuck.

“I like it,” this babe says.

But a lady-killer cant plunge right in, can this chab?

“With me u can,” that babe said.

U can do a lot of things with Heidi. U can shag her face whilst fingering her twat. U can spend very little time fucking her love tunnel and tons of time fucking her backdoor, as Rocky does in this scene. Does Heidi savour having Rocky’s wang in her butt?

“Oh, fuck! Oh, yes! Oh, shit, yes! Oh fuck my ass! Give me that complete schlong up my ass,” this babe says.

But can she receive ass-fucked with her legs locked behind her head? View the scene and investigate.

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Lexy Cougar – Dick-dancing in Lexy’s anus

Written on June 25, 2015 at 8:19 am, by

Dick-dancing in Lexy’s asshole

Dick-dancing in Lexy's butthole

When this scene widens, 49-year-old piece of wazoo Lexy Cougar is looking at herself in the mirror.

“I hope I look okay,” Lexy says.
Ok? Lexy looks a lot more admirable than okay. She’s wearing a white tube top that covers her marangos and not much else. Truly, it is not a tube top. It is a thin strip of cloth.

“Got to be talented,” she says as that babe fixes her makeup.

Expert? Talented hooker?

It turns out Lexy is a competent dance instructor, and her client is 21-year-old Peter. He’s getting married. That smooth operator tells Lexy that man needs to learn how to do some “ball exotic dancing.”

Ball lap dancing? Lexy is very worthwhile at that.

This woman chaser tells her he’s probably intend to be “your hardest client all day.”

That’s for certain. Because before long, Lexy, a Mother and divorcee, is sucking his hard knob and riding his pecker and taking his weenie deep inside her butt.

Hey, got to be accomplished.

By the way, the outfit Lexi is wearing in this scene? Not her ordinary attire. She is a paralegal back home in Florida, and that requires business suits. Not petite tops that barely cover her milk sacks.

Lexy isn’t a swinger. This babe is not a nudist, but she said, “I’m not coyness when it comes to exposing my body. I’m very comfortable with my body and inhibited.”

That is obvious.

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Written on June 25, 2015 at 3:14 am, by



Occupation: Love bubbles cutie; Lives: Atlanta, Georgia; Age: 23; Born: July 15; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: G-strings or straps; Anal: I love plugs during sex; BJs: Gulp it all; Masturbate: Oh yeah!

We asked Brittany how often that babe has sex. She responded, “As often as possible. Are u trying to acquire favourable?” Needless to say, we love Brittany a lot. She was born and raised in Atlanta, and she is a real peach. “My kinkiest raunchy encounter started as a romantic picnic. This chab even brought wine and anything. It was so romantic. I was going out-of-my-mind sexually excited. That picnic turned into some perverted, impure sex outside. I remember being bent over the picnic basket during the time that this woman chaser banged me doggie-style and had 2 fingers in my butthole. It was fashionable.”

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