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Monthly Archives: November 2011

A little role-playing

Written on November 30, 2011 at 1:38 pm, by

A little role-playing

A little role-playing

Lives: Miami, Florida; Occupation: Restaurant manager; Age: Thirty five; Born: December 12; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 98 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Briefs; Anal: No way! BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: Not any more.

“I was born and raised in China and I really run a Chinese restaurant, so I thought it would be laughable to play a delivery babe working her body to acquire an additional bigger than standard tip from a customer,” told Veronica. “Or perhaps acquire his meat-thermometer as well as his cash. I like dressing hot and getting the attention of boys when they go into the restaurant, or when I go any other place. Doing a strip tanalize and showing off everything for lads everywhere makes me feel super-sexy.”

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Just Be Straightforward

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Just Be Straightforward

Just Be Straightforward

“When I saw this ‘MODELS WANTED’ flyer I knew it was either plan to be a legit gig or a absolutely bogus sex scam. I was down for either. If somebody urges to give me a shot at being a glamour model, great. If they just wanna copulate…even more wonderful. So I receive to the address and it is like some hotel room. I already knew how it was plan to go down; I just hoped the boy inside was cute. When this chab opened the door I was really glad I did not wear a brassiere. That lady-killer was cute! So I said him, ‘Let’s cut the bullshit, I know this isn’t a real audition. Just screwing suck my mangos.’ I guess this dude must’ve liked how straightforward I was coz this fellow indeed screwed the shit out of me. You know, lads don’t must make up those elaborate stories and try-out to receive beauties to bonk. There’re a lot of honey bunnys adore me who want joy, no-strings-attached sex as much as they do.”

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40SOMETHING: So this is your first time doing skillful modeling. Are u nervous?
JASMINE: A little, but not much. I am relishing myself.
40SOMETHING: Where are u from?
JASMINE: Denver, Colorado. I grew up on the east coast. In Allentown, Pennsylvania.
40SOMETHING: And how did you end up at Fourty something?
JASMINE: Well, it is a little bit bonkers. For starters, I should say that I’ve done burlesque. I’m a writer, and about a year agone, I wanted to do an article on the art of burlesque cuz it fascinated me. I had a ally who was a male exotic dancer, and he suggested that I do burlesque ‘cuz he thought I would be really nice at it. And so I checked out a local venue in Denver that was a cabaret where they had burlesque performances regularly and held a class, and I took the class, and the requirement for graduation was performing in front of a live audience. And it was a soldout show, and it went so well, I wrote an article about how taking your sexy clothing off can empower a lady because I am all about women’s empowerment and hotties being secure in their sexuality. And then they asked me to come back and perform some more, so I did seven or eight performances in Denver.
40SOMETHING: What were the performances like?
JASMINE: I did a classic style of burlesque. I did a 1950s look. I am in like with that era, the 1940s and ’50s. The mink stoles, the gloves, the pretty look, everything. It was very exciting.
40SOMETHING: Did u take all your sexy raiment off?
JASMINE: I exposed down to pasties and nothing less than a thong. These were the rules. You had to keep a panty on.
40SOMETHING: Did u have fun it?
JASMINE: Oh, very much. I had some allies…well, I should tell you that I am a recovering geek. I came from the technology industry. I worked in the software business almost any of my adult life. I was in technical training. I used to educate geeks. I trained programmers, if you can believe that, and then I did consulting work. I did sales, I did marketing and I did global alliance managing, so I traveled around the world managing relationships. And the laughable thing is, I invited a pair of people who used to work with me in the industry to my flaunt, and one of them was a man ally, and this Lothario said me I looked adore I would been doing it all my life. This fellow told, “You are a natural.” And that was my launch spectacle. It was very gripping and it was incredibly empowering. The day of my initial appearance performance in burlesque was one of the almost all thrilling days of my life.
40SOMETHING: How come?
JASMINE: It was getting over a taboo. It was sort of a celebration of my divorce as well, so I was kind of coming into my power as a newly single female. Finding out who I am at my age and having been in marriage pretty much all of my adult life, it was very empowering. It gave me an opportunity to set myself free. Let my free spirit soar.

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WARNING! You’ve Been Served…With Cum!

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WARNING! You have Been Served…With Cum!

WARNING! You've Been Served...With Cum!

Final time we saw 64-year-old Lexi McCain, this babe was sharing a pecker with her bosom buddy Rita Daniels. Now, the truth is that Rita’s a very lascivious female and has a way of keeping all the dick for herself and not sharing evenly, so this time, we thought we’d let Lexi receive all that babe could handle, all to herself. And it’s her first interracial scene, which is always particular.

Here, somebody’s knocking at the door for Lexi. It is Lucas. This ladies man works as a process server, and this day this woman chaser is serving Lexi with divorce papers.

“You have made my day,” Lexi says. “Do u know what these divorce papers mean? Look how much specie I am getting montly for alimony. I can do anything.”

Anything? Yeah, everything. Lexi asks Lucas if he’d love to celebrate with her. Lexi‘s idea of a celebration is mouthing and slurping Lucas’s jock, getting her fur pie eaten and then getting her shaven, now-divorced cum-hole filled with shlong and her face covered with cum.

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A Ride For A Ride

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A Ride For A Ride

A Ride For A Ride

Amai‘s car broke down so this poor goddess is stuck on the side of the road, contemplating for anybody to rescue her. Luckily for her, some priceless samaritans avoid by and offer her a ride home. Certainly Amai suggests to repay ’em for their kindness and what makes more sense than a ride for a ride, right? Amai suggests up her constricted grab and flat bouncy bosoms ‘cuz this babe is so thankful. And to think, all these boyz thought that they were gonna acquire was a cold glass of lemonade. But boy were they cheerful when they got a hawt teen love tunnel, instead.

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Surprise, Gal. Glad Anniversary!

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Surprise, Chick. Glad Anniversary!

Surprise, Goddess. Cheerful Anniversary!

Lives: Miami, Florida; Born: Taiwan; Occupation: Store clerk; Age: Thirty five; Birthday: December 12; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 99 lbs.; Bras: 34B; Panties: Cotton; Anal: Love it! BJs: Always drink; Diddle: Not any more.

As a surprise for her hubby, Veronica posed for her girlfriend and sent the pictures in out of him knowing. Then, for their wedding anniversary–as a particular, intimate treat, she’s giving her husband membership to this website and that babe intends to make sure that the web resource is open and it is her photos on the screen when that babe discloses the present to him. “He loves looking at porn online and I know he’ll be super-surprised when this lady-killer sees me all in nature’s garb for the world to see,” Veronica said.

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Morning Rub

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Morning Rub

Morning Rub

Michelle, on your model form you put that you love to rub one out in the morning.
“It’s true. No thing gets the day started like caressing one out and having an big O. It’s part of my morning routine, just like taking a shower, brushing my teeth, getting dressed and making my bed.”

When we last saw u in the April ’10 issue u were a virgin. Have you drilled yet or are u still an sinless cherry babe?
“I’ve had sex a tiny in number times. I’m happy about that ’cause I was getting very sexually disappointed. I haven’t gotten laid lately though. So I am back to masturbating. I used to acquire fatigued of always masturbating, but now that I’ve lastly had sex I do not mind it so much.”

But since you have had sex wouldn’t you rather do that than masturbate?
“Of course! But what I meant was that I have finally pro it, and I know it’ll happen afresh, so I do not mind touching myself to get me through a penis drought. When I was still a virgin I’d acquire tired of masturbating just because I wanted to acquire laid already. At least now I know what it feels like, and that totally helps to make my dreams more nice. But I am still indeed looking forward to the next time I have sex!”

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In Mrs. King’s Class, Everyone Receives Banged!

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In Mrs. King’s Class, Everybody Receives Screwed!

In Mrs. King's Class, Everybody Receives Banged!

Mrs. King is one of the almost all popular teachers in the school. She’s a MILF, and on top of that, she’s worthwhile to her students. For sample, here’s Ivan, who she’s allowing to make up an exam. “I’m sure I’ll do priceless,” this buck says to her. “By the way, u look great today.” But Ivan…little schmuck. He takes advantage of Mrs. King by cheating. U know, the aged cheat-sheet-up-the-sleeve trick. But she’s wise to his tricks. “Let’s have it,” this babe demands, then this babe pats him down. Chest. Legs. Jock, certainly. Yes, this babe knows that some students like to hide their cheat sheets in their crotches, so Mrs. King digs down unfathomable to discover it. “It’s in here, isn’t it?” this babe says as that babe pulls it out…the sheet, not his pecker. That’ll come later. “You’re all distracted looking at me, it’s a wonder u learn everything,” this babe says. “Know what happens to cheats in my class? They have to shag Mrs. King.” Sounds to us like Mrs. King is rewarding bad behavior, but, hey, the headmistress is sexually excited, and that babe likes being Fourty three and getting attention from her youthful students. “I’m so happy u caught me cheating,” he says as his penis is buried unfathomable in her cheating slit. It’s a wonder students those days learn everything (although Ivan appears to be to know a lot about creampies).

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Hula Humping

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Hula Humping

Hula Humping

Cuties who know how to hula hoop know how to copulate. Just look at Missy. She’s got the swivel in her haunches and she’s not afraid to use it. After showing this dude what that babe can do with the hoop, this babe reveals him what that babe can do when this babe humps. And that is bringing him to the edge with her bumping and grinding, then slowing down right in advance of that stud cums. That’s right, Missy keeps her boyz on edge so when they blow their load it’s that much more intense. When that babe is had her fill of cock, that babe bows over and backs her fur pie onto the cock rock hard and fast, ensuring a ball-draining large O for her boyfriend. We said you that babe knows what that babe is doing!

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Zoe Holloway

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Zoe Holloway Zoe Holloway
Zoe Holloway @
Being a therapist isn’t the easiest thing in the world. The nutcases that walk in my door not quite drive me to swallow. If they’re not complaining about their lives then they’re bitching about my rates. Flash Brown came to my office to vent about his life. I was absolutely ignoring him since I was imaging the things her could do to me. I set professionalism aside for my womanly needs. I risked losing my license when I laid on some heavy duty flirting which that smooth operator took very well. That ladies man seemed shocked but knew that momma was in control of the situation. I slid his trousers down and saw a darksome meat-thermometer that was priceless and enormous. Wrapping my lips around it proved challenging but I managed to slurp him down until his balls hit my chin. Since that Lothario paid for the full hour I let him bend me over and pulverize my cum-hole until I got priceless and sticky.I had to brace myself for a dark-skinned penis that impaled me the entire time. This juvenile darksome meat knew its way around an competent cougar and I knew his nuts couldn’t hold back much farther. My colleagues constantly brag about how wondrous interracial sex can be. If solely I could see that all my patients were dark boys then I’d do some supplementary sessions work…pro bono!
Zoe Holloway Zoe Holloway
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