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Little Lolli

Written on January 19, 2019 at 11:50 pm, by

Little Lolli

Little Lolli

Meet Lolli, the 95-pound Tennessee native who is a bit of a loner. This babe described her high-school experience as, “lonely because I did not get along with the other beauties.” So what did Lolli do with her free time back then? “I masturbated and dreamed about getting fucked by all the chaps in school. I was shy, but if the boyz knew what I was thinking about ’em, they would have blushed.”

We’re willing to bet that they’d do more than blush. Their blood would be rushing somewhere other than their cheeks!

“I can take control during a shag,” Lolli said us. “When I lost my virginity, I climbed on top and popped my own cherry on the guy’s jock. But when I am feeling truly concupiscent, I wish the ladies man to take charge. There’s no thing hotter than when a fellow picks me up, slams me against a wall and really lays into my fur pie. I am dunky, so that helps a lot with the aerial acrobatics.”

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Michele James

Written on January 19, 2019 at 2:02 pm, by

Michele James Michele James
Michele James @
It’s a rainy Saturday, and what’s a gal adore Michele James gonna do with her two "fuck buddies"? They’re all doing what almost all people do those days — eyes glued to cell phones. Except Rob, who’s got his eyes glued to his lap top. Sure enough, that woman chaser is playing some porno, which Ricky wants to discover out. So does Michele! Not quite just now, Michele’s saying things love "my mounds look as fine as hers!" and "I can suck meat-thermometer more astonishing than that!" This prompts super-pervert Rob to pull out his camera…and his over-sized 10-Pounder! "You bucks more excellent not share this on the internet!" Michele exclaims, in advance of wrapping her throat around Rob’s large meat-thermometer the most fine that babe can. Rob’s a "POV" competent, and sure sufficient, Ricky is too! They’re gonna fuck Michele’s warm, damp face hole and eat her pleasing grasp and shag her silly — capturing all the action POV style! Ricky holds the digital camera as Rob creampies Michele’s handsome snatch; Ricky then drops his load all over Michele’s face…and her glasses! Watch how a digi camera can turn a rainy day into a Fun Day!?!
Michele James Michele James

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Bad Angel

Written on January 17, 2019 at 7:32 am, by

Bad Angel

Bad Girl

Age: 18; Born: December 31; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: G-strings; Anal: No licking with tongue. Just stick it in; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Twice a day; Lives: Daytona, Florida.

“I know some boys will see my tattoos and be turned off, and that is okay with me,” Layla informed one of our editors. “Because I get tatted for myself, not for someone else. Anyway, I love bad boyz with tattoos. When I watch a boy with full tattoo sleeves and riding a motorcycle, my knickers get soaked.

“I masturbate a ton. I love my Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s a game changer, honestly. I can just fib back and let it give me king-size orgasms. If any of your browsers are looking for a gift for their girl, that is what I would recommend.

“The maddest thing I’ve ever done sexually was fucking a petticoat chaser in a car outside a restaurant. My friends are all way sluttier than I am. Once my girlfriend convinced me to bang her hubby with her, but that was my only 3some experience, and I solely banged the man. I’ve still never fooled around with a gal. I’m not ruling it out, though.”

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Real Life Sisters

Written on January 16, 2019 at 12:43 am, by

Real Life Sisters

Real Life Sisters

U know how it is with sisters. They share everything. They even go to the bathroom together. Kiki and Chloe are sisters, and what belongs to one belongs to the other. Garments. Music. Secrets. Even boyfriends. One day, the angels had an idea. “Kiki had been thinking about posing for NN for a long-time cuz it is her boyfriend’s favorite mag,” Chloe said. “So this babe told, ‘Let’s have a little enjoyment. We’ll give the boyz some cameras, and we’ll make them take fotos of us wrestling around bare. We’ll just tanalize the hell without them!'”

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Might As Well Cum

Written on January 14, 2019 at 1:47 pm, by

Might As Well Cum

Might As Well Cum

Natalie told us that she was feeling excited as hell, so we told her this babe should just make herself cum.

“Yeah, I might as well. It would probably make me feel more worthy to rub my clit untill I am all juicy and then finger myself till I get off. It’s more killer than raking these leaves in any case. If I’m intend to receive all sweaty it might as well be ’cause I’m cumming instead of doing chores! And I need to admit, it’s wonderful feeling the sun and breeze on my undressed love tunnel. I am still pissed I got rejected, though. But soever. That boy is a dork. There is tons of cocks out there for me to tackle, and I’m not gonna waste any time getting to ’em!”

We said Natalie that lady-killer receive to be the massive loser in the world. She’ll identify someone fresh.

“I know and I cant expect! I am intend to deep-throat their meat-thermometer super insane, swallow their cum and then screw ’em adore they’ve merely dreamed about.”

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Karla’s Back

Written on January 10, 2019 at 1:42 pm, by

Karla’s Back

Karla's Back

Occupation: Florist; Age: Twenty seven; Born: January Nineteen; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Cotton briefs; Anal: Definitely; BJs: Drink when I’m wanton; Masturbate: Yeah.

“I was a theater kid in school,” Karla told us. “We’re a bonkers breed. We’re manic, excitable, sexual, funny people. Everybody in the theater fucks everybody else, and nice-looking much all the angels are bi. Once, I ate out one of my allies on stage with a bunch of boyz cheering us on.”

We asked Karla about what turns her on. “I’m fairly vanilla in the bedroom, honestly,” this babe responded bashfully. “I like having sex outside, but I’m not into exhibitionism or everything. I’m kinda coy, which is humorous ‘cuz I am shooting these images for u lads. I recently had a smooth operator gag me on his weenie. I was about to shove him off of me, but I actually enjoyed being used adore that. That Lothario was fingering me whilst that smooth operator drilled my face hole, and I came harder than I ever had. I would love to try doing that some other time.

“I started growing out my bush for the 1st time lately. Ever since I could grow hair down there, I have hairless. Having a bush is tons of joy, but this is as lengthy as it is plan to acquire. I do not wish a nutty overgrown bawdy cleft!”

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Showing Off Her Assets

Written on January 8, 2019 at 12:26 am, by

Showing Off Her Assets

Showing Off Her Assets

“My partner Willie can’t live without bigger in size than run of the mill mammaries. This chab usually buys Voluptuous, the sister mag to Newcummers and Naughty Neighbors that unveils nothing but girls with naturally large milk sacks, and not the ones who have the huge implants,” told Samantha. “He wanted to take pix of me and my mounds so this chap could send ’em in for the amateur section of that magazine, but I was not into that ’cause the gals are mostly skillful adult models and the images are taken by able photographers. So Willie got a copy of Newcummers and I agreed to pose for him whilst we were looking throughout it, ’cause I’m an amateur adult model and he’s definitely an dilettante photographer.”

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April Aniston

Written on January 7, 2019 at 8:31 am, by

April Aniston April Aniston
April Aniston @
Whenever you swing by Prince Yashua’s crib, it is always poppin’! Most of the time Prince is entertaining white beauties who are there to party and get pounded, but today this chab is having a serious talk with a charmer calling himself Pressure. You see, Pressure craves "in the game". Pressure wishes to be Prince’s protege, and this is smth Prince doesn’t take lightly. Prince doesn’t fuck around with just any dude…but this stud sees priceless things with Pressure. Which is just about the time barely-legal floozy April Aniston, one of the chicks who just happens to being hanging out, skips into Prince’s bedroom. "You bucks wanna copulate?" That is all that needs to be said. In seconds, Prince is pulling a ass-plug from April’s ripe darksome hole during the time that Pressure stuffs his oversized dick into her barely-legal, very-eager throat. All holes are open today, and the fellahs take turns fucking April out to the point her asshole won’t close up all the way! Barley-legal gapes go along with barely-legal creampies (but is April on birth control?) and barely-legal facials! Bears a resemblance to Pressure might be around a whilst!!
April Aniston April Aniston
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Better Late Than At not time

Written on January 5, 2019 at 6:51 am, by

More wonderful Late Than At not time

Better Late Than Never

Occupation: Bookstore employee; Age: Thirty three; Born: April 3; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 92 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Everything but briefs; Anal: Not at all done it; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Oh yep.

Kennedy sitting down for an interview with one of our videographers and spilled the beans about her sex life. ”Nobody would wait to watch me in porn. I’m a coy person. And u know what’s humorous? My much loved position is missionary, which I know is lame, but it hits me just right.”

Kennedy did not look lame or tame when our gent pulled his cock out for her. “I love giving and receiving head, one as well as the other to studs and gals,” Kennedy said. “So when your boy stuck his schlong in my face, I was in heaven. I do not have any tricks for engulfing pecker. I just kick off gently engulfing the head, get the shaft precious and slobbery, and then I sensually give it a tongue rub-down. I’ve not at all had a smooth operator complain!

“Besides shooting porn for u lads, the sluttiest thing I have ever done was engulf off a bunch of fellows at a brilliance hole. My husband had just broken up with me and I was feeling lonely and randy. I prevented into a porn shop to pick up some videos and mags, but then I saw the little booths in the back. I wandered back there, and all of the chaps in the place followed me. I ended up blowing, love, four of ’em, I guess.”

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That babe likes Mature Studs

Written on January 3, 2019 at 11:38 pm, by

She can’t live with out Old Boys


“I love maturer guys, but only to fuck around with,” Natalie said us. “I detect that maturer males solely desire ditzy younger angels who do not know anything so they can teach ’em about the world to boost their egos. I am smart, so I cant play the ditzy role well. Then again, aged fellows do know how to eat vagina, so that’s fun.

“My favorite raunchy fantasy is gorgeous wild. I want to get down on my knees and be surrounded by a bunch of knobs waving in my face. Then the lads go wild and kick off filling me up at the same time. I wish one in my arse, 2 in my pussy and one in my throat.”

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