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Sex Ed 101

Written on April 17, 2019 at 11:36 pm, by

Sex Ed 101

Sex Ed 101

“People think that ‘coz I am a nerd I do not know anything about sex. Well…they’re incorrect! And I proved it to my brother’s dumb ally who’s always teasing me. I receive to admit, I was a little shocked and timid when this chab whipped his dong out unexpectedly. But once I had it in my mouth, I knew exactly what to do. That chap was assertive and screwed me truly hard, which I loved. Now this Lothario can not tanalize me about being a prude, ‘coz I let him cum all over my face!”

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The Cum-vertible

Written on April 14, 2019 at 10:45 pm, by

The Cum-vertible

The Cum-vertible

This scene is a classic for nice reason.

1st featured in the movie Stranded Teenies, it stars Julia Bond in one of her first shoots ever. She is a scantily clad babe walking down a lengthy stretch of road, hoping somebody will pick her up and fuck her. Her dream cums true when a lady-killer rolls up in a convertible Mustang!

She gets on her knees in the passanger seat and sucks his pecker. They’re totally out in the open with the sun shining down on ’em. Next comes smth you don’t watch every day: A goddess getting screwed on the windshield of a top-down convertible.

Julia groans and talks obscene during the time that we receive interesting bottom-up views of the couple screwing. They fuck in the front seat, in the back seat and even on top of the seats! (Just watch the scene to watch what we mean.)

Banging in a car isn’t always the almost any comfortable situation, but it’s joy! Leave it to Julia to turn this convertible into a cum-vertible.

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Sarai Minx

Written on April 13, 2019 at 6:40 pm, by

Sarai Minx Sarai Minx
Sarai Minx @
When Prince married Sarai Minx’s Mamma, this chab had no idea what this smooth operator was getting himself into! Sarai Minx has been a tanalize ever since! This babe is a high school student who likes to suit to receive attention…if u know what we mean! Just view today’s jogging outfit! Imagine living with Sarai when that babe is walking around the abode in a skimpy belt and dunky top! That babe loves teasing "Daddy" Prince and watching him try and conceal a hardon in front of her Mommy! This day, Prince has a work-out hubby over, which is when Sarai comes in from her jog! Do we indeed acquire to tell you what happens next?! That this babe is intend to tanalize Prince right in front of his buddy! Then, she’ll tanalise his buddy, too! That’s when Prince gives a decision enough is sufficient!! Both studs call Sarai out on her teasing ways, and soon it is mouthing and fucking! One more tremendous workout for all 3!
Sarai Minx Sarai Minx
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The Sexpert

Written on April 11, 2019 at 10:43 pm, by

The Sexpert

The Sexpert

Nerdy Melody claims to be an pro at everything. After all, she always has her face in a book. But does that babe know what to do when she has a schlong in her face? Her brother’s ally challenges her sex knowledge by pulling out his shlong, and Melody isn’t about to be shown up.

All those sex ed books she read seem to have paid off as that babe expertly works his thick knob with her mouth. That babe even knows how to relax her mouth so this lady-killer can face-fuck her.

Melody looks the part of a nerd, but only when she’s dressed. One time her fashionable clothes come off we can watch that this babe is a sexy, buxom legal age teenager with a mellow rack and a sexually excited twat.

Turns out Melody does know a thing or 2 about sex, adore how to take a unyielding dicking and swallow cum. And that babe doesn’t just know how to do it. That babe can’t live out of each second of it.

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Wazoo Wanton

Written on April 8, 2019 at 11:37 pm, by

A-hole Excited

Butt Horny

Luna receives a special kind of randy.
Almost all girls receive randy in their pussy. Their clits throb and their pussies receive juicy. Luna experiences that, along with smth else. “I get lustful in my arse! I know how precious anal play feels, and sometimes I just wish something stretching out my wazoo. My cum-hole is constricted and sensitive, and my asshole is even more so!”

How did u learn that you like butt stuff?
“Just regular exploration. I masturbate a lot. Constantly. I’ll even play with myself when I’m bored in an Uber ride. Eventually that led me to my arse, and I was adore, this feels charming wonderful! So I started experimenting with buttplugs and I fell in love. Now I am completely on the anal bandwagon!”

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Little Wazoo Stuffer

Written on April 5, 2019 at 10:50 pm, by

Little Ass Stuffer

Little Arse Stuffer

“I have a prefered way to play with myself. I have a toy I love to use, but I bet u can’t guess what it’s,” Luna says in her sexy-squeaky voice.

This tight-bodied nymph opens her drawer and pulls out a blue ass-plug. She uses it to rub her vagina while her briefs are still on, getting admirable and damp. Then that babe uses the toy for its intended purpose: to go unfathomable in her black hole.

Luna has no problem sliding her ass-plug in and without her starfish. U can watch her hungry anal opening sucking it in. That babe inserts it all the way and then works her love tunnel with her fingers. Luna is one perverted legal age teenager!

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New & Damp

Written on April 2, 2019 at 11:02 pm, by

Fresh & Damp

Fresh & Wet

Elis knows u like her aged uniform.
This babe just graduated from high school, and as much as that babe hated wearing her uniform, smth said her to keep it. “It was the way lads looked at me when I wore it,” that babe said. “Like they wanted to put their hands up my petticoat and feel my succulent cum-hole.”

Have you ever let a dude touch u underneath your skirt?
“Just my partner. He would sit next to me in class and run his hand up my thigh until this ladies man got to my briefs. He’d rub my snatch on the outside until I juicy my briefs. Then that lady-killer would go inside my belts and finger me. It was adore a game trying not to groan as I came in class. Sometimes the complete room smelled love my pussy.”

No one noticed u cumming?
“I do not think so. If they did, the rumor definitely would have gotten around school and I not at all heard anything. We were careful and sitting in the back of the class where no one could actually see us. Although a scarcely any times people made a comment about the smell, but they not at any time guessed it was me.”

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Harmonie Marquise

Written on April 1, 2019 at 1:35 am, by

Harmonie Marquise Harmonie Marquise
Harmonie Marquise @
Just love her partner, DeAndre, Harmonie Marquise can’t live without to play games. DeAndre likes old-school pinball, and DeAndre’s buddy, Chad, loves old-school pinball as well. The games Harmonie can’t live with out to play have more to do with the mind, so to speak. For sample, Harmonie loves to cheat! That is why she’s all over Chad right now, during the time that all Chad desires to do is play pinball while this chab waits for DeAndre to get home from work. All Harmonie desires is a smack of Chad’s big, white rod…and this babe is gonna make sure she acquires her way! Certainly, Harmonie is going to break Chad’s will! Check out her crawling all over the pinball machine! Check out her mouthing Chad’s bigger than standard, overweight cock! View Chad eat Harmonie’s fascinating cunt! Then they’re off to one more room, where Chad is going to rail her worthwhile, wonderful slit…until that ladies man unloads all over her face! Now that’s one admirable game! Let’s just hope DeAndre not ever finds out!!
Harmonie Marquise Harmonie Marquise
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Suckin’ and Fuckin’ Nerds

Written on March 30, 2019 at 11:42 pm, by

Suckin’ and Fuckin’ Nerds

Suckin' and Fuckin' Nerds

Chloe is home alone for the 1st time…and this babe just happens to be with her husband. What should that babe do with all that freedom? What any 18-year-old would do: suck and copulate!

Chloe is a nerd with a hawt body. Her husband disrobes her, revealing her perky fullsome funbags and taut tummy. This man goes down on her, tongueing her clitoris and fingering her cum-hole so she’ll be willing to take his knob. This babe takes his big, thick prick in her mouth and lets it fill her mouth till this babe needs to gasp for breath.

That babe leaves a trail of teen cock juice around his shaft as in a short time as they commence rogering. This nerd is succulent! What would her parents say if they knew that babe was getting screwed hard and facialized on their daybed? Chloe doesn’t care. That babe just urges to cum!

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Home Alone Humper

Written on March 27, 2019 at 11:41 pm, by

Home Alone Humper

Home Alone Humper

“My parents were always indeed overprotective and they by no means let me be home alone. I always had to be supervised. Well, this day was the 1st time I was ever left home alone. It was so thrilling, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself! Well, I was not completely alone. I had my boyfriend with me. This smooth operator supervised my love tunnel with his tongue and pecker! This was truly the 1st time I saw his meat-thermometer in the flesh. It was way larger than it felt through his pants! I got so amorous and juicy when that skirt chaser fucked me that I dripped love tunnel juice all over my parents’ sofa. I don’t know how I am plan to explain the changed sheets, but oh well!”

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